Akshay Borate .

No matter you handle $50 or $50000 campaigns,

A good marketer is someone who is good at organic marketing.

Of course, running ads is not easy and it takes experience, but once you run a few campaigns, it’s a cupcake.

Even kids run conversion campaigns.

On the other hand, when you have nothing to spend, still you have to market product/service or even yourself, then it requires solid skill.

Even take an example of SEO. You can’t pay Google to rank your website organically.

You have no control over Google. One update can shatter everything.

Still, the one who beats all odds and again achieves top position is a real digital marketer!

Another example is personal branding. You run ads for yourself and it doesn’t assure that you’ll become a brand.

It’s how you market yourself organically matters, and that’s very hard!

Whenever I hire someone for a project, I always look how good he/she is in organic marketing.

This skillset is very rare.

There are many who are good at paid marketing, but very few in organic.

Learn core marketing fraands! 😀

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Aayush Poddar

I think it depends on the platform & product.
Website & App yes. If you get your SEO & ASO correct nothing better.
But incase of Social Media, I don't think it's worth putting the efforts for organic traction anymore.

true that! Out of curiosity- are you doing any ASO for mobile apps?

Dinesh Chandrasekar

okay. So I have a question Akshay.

Let's say a brand comes in to get more business.

Are you going to tell them to wait for organic results to pop in over another couple of months ?

Or are you going to run ads ?

And since you run an agency, are you not offering paid promotions ?

Akshay Borate

Do you really think, I will write such a lame post?

It's not organic vs paid, my friend.

What I am pointing out is how to find a good marketer🙂

Dinesh Chandrasekar

okay. Again let's say one is weak in organic totally but is a very good media Buyer.

You are going to reject him ?

Akshay Borate

No. But might pay lesser than organic guy.

Akash Kandari

Organic Marketing is like fishing using a fishing rod and Paid Marketing is like fishing with big mechanical nets.😛

Shivam Malhotra

organically grew DU Express from 0 in 2016 to 11 million hits in 2020 (5 million this year alone).From 0 to 89K likes & from 0 to 48K followers.Never spent a single penny on ads.

There are many people who can help brands grow organically (the internal Marketing team is supposed to do this - not DM but Marketing)

Rajeesh Nair

I differ from that... Yes, organic marketing is the key to stability and ensured returns for longer without much investment but you can't take away anything from Paid Marketing.

Just imagine for instance... how will you market apps like PayTM or Olaor OYO with organic marketing. They were disrupters and you need to conduct paid marketing campaigns both online and offline to announce the service, the need, the advantages, and the availability.

Not every product or service is searched. Sometimes you have to get the product or service in front of the audience by force (i.e. ads) as the scope for organic marketing is minimal for such companies.

Nihal Hassan

ROI is what matters. Organic or Not.

If you’re a marketer who’d suggest a founder that the company should invest in content and SEO, then you’ll be get a reply that “the company won’t survive for 6 months” when your SEO efforts show results.

And paid online marketing is more math than marketing.

Aryan Dutta

Organic marketing is good for long term growth. But if you want to grab attention fast, paid marketing is the way.
Having said that few organic marketing techniques like newsjacking and active social listening can highly improve your brand identity and authority.
But if you are a startup or a newbie in the business paid strategy is the way. As Nihal Hassan said ROI matters .

Sarang Surendra Bhirad

Nope man!

A good marketer does not consider marketing a black and white game.

A good marketer never takes sides like tiktok vs YouTube, organic Vs paid, SEO Vs Ads.

A good marketer knows that each marketing strategy has it's own purpose.

A good marketer understands the difference between long term branding goals and short term performance goals.

A good marketer creates the right balance of data and communication to employ in any marketing activity.

A good marketer understands the importance of both organic marketing and performance marketing.

A good marketer knows that core marketing doesn't mean only organic, but core marketing is also required while doing performance Marketing.

A good marketer shall never define a good marketer based on his bias, but only data.

Let us all be good marketers.❤️

Rohit Nair

Bhai a good marketer is the one who can channel the funds properly and get you the conversions at the least cost. Period.

Nimit Shah

 It's like saying the guy who is good at vaastu Shastra shud also be good jyotish shastra. I think it's the wrong lens to look at these things that way. but to each is own.

Kartik Gaur

If you are trying to share the definition of a good marketer, it failed. If this post was ought to tell us what is bad marketing, this should be showcased as the prime example of bad marketing communication.

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