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Observe, don't ask.

Asking has never given me any good answers. But observing people's actions. That's a parallel universe.

People will say they like to explore food. But when you really observe, they will end up ordering the same food from the same restaurant 80% of the time. I say "people" because it is easier to observe as an outsider. But the truth is, we all behave in the same way. Our patterns hardly break.

A friend of mine has been researching to find a good niche to sell on Amazon. My only advice,

  1. Don't ask anyone.
  2. Just start reading the reviews and note down the outcomes they expect, problems they are facing and consequences they desire.
  3. Look for search volume for those products and shortlist the ones with high volume
  4. Check for the last 5 year trend on Google Trends, whether it is upward trend or downward. Shortlist words with upward trend
  5. Narrow your niche based on the above data and begin

All without doing a single survey or asking people. I have sold jewellery, food, online courses, SaaS and all kinds of stuff using this strategy.

What you are simply doing here is finding patterns.

For example, in jewellery, people really care about,

  • Packaging & presentation (obvious, isn't it. Too many sellers ignore it though.)
  • Will have higher likelihood of buying online if they know the person behind the store
  • Would have higher likelihood of buying if the store is owned by a lady
  • Convert better when you position each piece of jewelry with "relevant" adjectives like chic, classy, simple, minimalist, royal etc.

The above are not rule of thumb. Just what works for a very specific niche within jewellery that I sell in. Context matters.

Once you identify these patterns, just execute. And see the results.

This goes back to my favorite approach of working,

"If you have an hour to design a campaign, spend the first 45 minutes understanding the audience"

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Piyush Soni

I got the Crux of your post... People should self analyse the things rather than asking and get spoon feeding!!!
One should research himself and then implement it.
Am I right??

Prathamesh Krisang

 Kind of. Right.

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