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Offline Vs Online Marketing πŸ‘€πŸ‘€

Does any one else feel that despite all the hype about online ad spend, offline marketing is still far more effective than online? πŸ€”

I feel that offline marketing is quite underestimated theses days for the impact it has!

When compared to online marketing, offline builds trust faster as any businesses that use high-quality ads looks more credible in the eyes of the customer! πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

And use of things like newspapers, flyers, brochures and posters creates a long lasting impression on the customers!πŸ‘

What are your thoughts? Which do you think is better?

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Gireesh Likhyani

Mujhe pamphlet ya flyer par likh kar bhejo ye, fir batata hu

( Tumhare sapne me aa k bata dunga)

Also, sahi engagement funnel hai, #controversial posts πŸ˜‚

Krishna Arora

Lol absolutely not.

Zero targeting

No body reads flyers these days corona mein newspaper ni aata mere ghar bhai.

Kaafi cheezein hein.

Also ye advertising hei.

Offline Marketing is still important.

Ghatiya distribution ke saath nike bhi fail hojata.

Plenty of other factors.

Paritosh Sankhla

Marketing online. Win trust, build brand image.

Sales offline. Accesibltiy, Test First Buy Later.

Paras Vohra

Completely agree.. I am an offline Marketer and I know the worth...

Offline marketing is best for creating trust..

Ishita Bhattacharya

immediate impact and large hoardings have solid impact, never underestimate the power of OOH, you're going straight to your audience in real time, not virtually, but again depends on the business, the size and the product at times.

both need to go hand in hand! dont underestimate digital marketing, your hoarding goes, your flyer gets found in trash, no one is going to collect it, your digital footprint remains!

Durbar Ezio Ghosh

It depends on business. I'm few things I feel the same.

For e.g. as anyone can run online ads, offline ads are better for branding. When online people are always scrolling, seeing your ads for a lot less time, but not the case for offline ads. Though online, hotstar ads are like television ads.

Again can't say one is better than others. Depending on different products and service, different situation, audience and many other factors one can better than other.

Arbab Usmani

If you can show me that if I run 5 different campaign offline and calculate the ROI, I will trust you on this as I am a data guy and I trust data.

I have done both offline and online marketing and I found online better as we have data to optimize thing.

Offline might can create trust but online can too and that in 1/10th budget and 1/10th time what offline can take.

if you made this statement 10 years ago then you might be right but not today

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Goutham Bhat

When it comes to Offline Marketing,

I am a big fan of ad boards and hoardings.

The delight of seeing the beautiful celebs on the huge displays is such a beautiful feeling.😍😍😍😍

Right placement of hoardings can push the brand image right into the subconscious. Same goes with TV ads( YouTube ads too).

I hope you still remember the jingles of airtel, lifeboy, rasna, brittania, boost, Amul etc.

That's why big brands and well established outlets still use hoardings.

Offline "Above the line campaigns "still work.

Newspaper ads might have lost their earlier Fizz, but they still grab a lot of attention. Or else why would Amazon give ads of Great Indian Sale in front page in leading newspapers?

Flyers might seem dead, but they are resurrected in their digital version.

Word of mouth, is the ultimate thing. Many digital marketers buy tools based on word of mouth. Just that the word is circulated over digital platforms and social mediaπŸ˜„πŸ˜„

In offline marketing terminology, all these online campaigns are " below the line" and "thru the line" campaigns.

Marketing is marketing, whether offline or online. All we need to do it in the places where we find our audience.

Human mind perceives both in the same way. Online marketing enables data gathering, which is hell of a task offline.

Kamonasish Aayush Mazumdar

I have said this a lot of times in the past 8 years and I will say this again - Don't confuse channel with marketing.

Marketing is what you do, channel is where you do it.

Your objective vs ROI is what drives channel preferences, not the other way around.

Abhishek Samant

Offline and online are different channels of marketing. They're not different types of marketing. There is a difference. Online will have better reach, targeting, analytics and just better data over all. Personally I don't feel that people 'trust' offline more. I mean I've seen online and offline ads and I don't think offline hoardings and pamphlets and newspaper ads build more trust. I mean people will use Google to research your brand any way after seeing your offline ad. Invest more in online ads and use offline to supplement those. Why is this an either or question?

Vikas Joshi


Offline customer onboarding spends are substantially less as compared to Online

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