Gaurav Singh .

Well yesterday I shut down the venture that I started working almost 2.5 years back. 1 product shut down with 3 pivots & a steep learning experience.

It took sometime but it was a well thought off decision.

Education in India is a Bn$ industry. Getting your model right and being sustainable is all together a different ball game. Core engineering sector in specific possess lot of opportunity but a difficult nut to crack.

Well this is my personal opinion.

I now have a huge respect for those who are working into Education sector & building something online.

But let me take this opportunity to thank all those amazing people whom I have met discussed , brainstormed, who helped me refine my idea, help me build strategies & execution plan.

It's important to understand when to call it a quit. As an entrepreneurs we are very attached to what we do.

No matter if you work on your 1st, 2nd or 3rd venture you can always go back to the unlearn - relearn process and make yourself ready for the next phase.

Well, I will continue sharing my learning & experience with others.

Thanking all who helped me in this journey.

Will continue building amazing product whenever opportunity strikes & keep helping people achieve better opportunities.

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