Hardik Lashkari .

When founders, c-suite executives or industry leaders reach out for personal branding, they've the following major questions:

  • Should we solely focus on LinkedIn?
  • What topics can we write on?
  • How will the process start?

Here's how I answer their concerns:

  • LinkedIn is undoubtedly the first platform we will start with.

However, as per your industry dimensions, we can even look at Quora or Reddit for positioning you as a thought leader. Sometimes, I even tell them how beneficial e-book can be.

  • I always tell them to focus on multiple topics such as -

  1. Leadership & Management
  2. Productivity
  3. Latest industry and market trends
  4. Core expertise
  5. Marketing & Branding (since these are attributable to every industry).

  • In the beginning, I do 1-2 brainstorming sessions to understand their insights and thought process.

Then, the profile revamping process begins because it is crucial to have a strong profile before creating content.

By the time our call ends, the founder or c-suite executive already has enough idea about the overall picture.

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