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Hey there Pushstarters

I am Abhishek Kaushik, currently a pre-final year undergrad. When I joined my college, as every fresher I was also on an exploring streak, trying to know about things around me.

Since I am from a technical background, I was very interested in knowing about the cool projects my seniors or batchmates were working on, I would reach up to seniors and after talking to maybe 10-20 I would find some of them building wonderful things, I would be in touch with them, taking their guidance & learning from them while building my own little projects.

Fast forward 1 year, I realised one of my own classmates was building cool websites all through 1st year, which I never knew about, neither did my classmates, while his projects were really helpful ones.

I wanted to find a solution to this, such that I could find all the cool things people were building around me, not only tech projects, blogs, some students maintain really creative Instagram pages, YouTube channels, etc.

Hence I brainstormed, built a prototype, took feedback and finally built "Creatorlist - A platform for showcasing your side projects"

In this platform, students can showcase their side projects, find useful tools, resources & links to build their own. And most importantly to get inspired and learn from cool creators out there.

As of now, the platform supports Website, YouTube Channels, Blogs, Instagram Pages, Hardware Projects, Apps. I did a mini launch in my college and my social media accounts, and on the first day got 200+ users signed up with a reach of 5k and counting.

I am looking for your feedback and if you ever faced the same problem during your college life do share what you think about this.
Discussions here in Pushstart have always brought forward interesting perspectives from curious minds like yours hence I am looking forward to your suggestions.

  • The plan forward is to retain the users
  • Make the website a Progressive Web App to send Push Notifications
  • Make a bi-weekly newsletter to inspire creators (sort of Grammarly type, your post inspired 100 people today, etc)
  • Then promote it again.

I am all ears, over to you.

Thank you

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Girish Khaitan

Website loads fast and looks clean. I think conversion rate can be improved with little tweaks.

Anyway, can you tell me more about the tech stack used for making this website? Where are you hosting?

Abhishek Kaushik

Thank you. Conversion rate, yes I agree. A lot of things need to be worked on.

Tech stack - Bootstrap, Python-Flask, MongoDB
Hosting - AWS

Abhishek Kaushik 

Can you please mention where I can improve

Girish Khaitan

For starters On the homepage:

1. Move the image to the left and Post my Project Button to the right.
2. A Platform for Student (Creators) to showcase their side projects (Add a reason why they should do post their side project, How will it help them?)
3. Change the color of the button to something in contrast with the main color.

4. Display the Sign Up form after they add their project details that will also increase the number of people signing up. Also, add social logins for 1 click sign in.

Add an action word to your Button Test like Now, Free etc.

Abhishek Kaushik

thanks. This is gold. Yes regarding the action word, I brainstormed an entire night for it, but couldn't finalise on one so just added a phrase "Post your project"

Girish Khaitan

don't think much. Shortlist few and A/B test it.

Sai Krishna

Good to see this in action. I had started on a similar idea but take it forward because of the time constraints. How about you let others join your side hustle/project. Post your requirements, choose the candidates and get going.

Does that option exist as of now?

Abhishek Kaushik

Actually that was my version 1 of Creatorlist, just connect people with project ideas to form teams, did a small launch and no one was interested. The demand for that platform I believe is quite low and scattered, but after pivot, people loved this idea. Students are willing to share what they have made.

From this stage, I can move to what you said, when I have enough users, I can add personal chat feature or pairing feature for "Upcoming Projects".

Pratik Kumar Sahoo

One of my friend Saswat shared this in his WhatsApp status. Definitely it's an amazing initiative for scaling and helping individual or groups to work on their projects with better resources. Will share in my circle too.

Abhishek Kaushik 

Yes, Saswat is my branch mate. Thanks Pratik, I am trying my best to take it forward. Do share it.

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