Ashish Chopra .

Apart from promoting a brand on Facebook and Instagram, what other platforms would work well for a fashion brand?

Are tik too and Pinterest really effective and worth investing in?

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Urvi Dhanak 

Pinterest.. supremely

Ashish Chopra

Does it show results? How do you sell on Pinterest?

Urvi Dhanak

basically helps in driving traffic to your ecommerce website(assumed you have one). If not, you should rather focus on Instagram +influencers marketing.

Vaibhav Adsul

Its variable brand to brand. Every platform brings different sets of audiences to the table. If you are successful in understanding what type of content works clicks for what audience, you've won.

Ashish Chopra

We do have a website. Did start the Pinterest page as well. But I'm not seeing a lot of traction there.

I'm not very sure of influencer Marketing as well. We did give out 2-3 free samples of our shoes. When they put up posts and stories about us, we barely got 10-20 followers.

Urvi Dhanak

pinterest isn't like facebook (like many brands have their Facebook page just for visibility)..Pinterest needs hard(+smart)work. .When done right, it increases traffic to many folds so all worth it.

Rishank Bharatiya

Influencer marketing takes time, and selection of real influencer is also a tough job.
So many have fake followers.

Anaggh Desai

we gave out 130 sunglasses. And managed to conduct 185 locations audit, with a 90% confirmation of stock and person.

Shreeya Khade

Instagram is only good for branding if you collab with influencers, Google ads. I think display ads would get you the sales, Facebook would do okayish I guess.

Ashirwad Rastogi

Facebook: Creative Ecom, Ebook & digital products.Google Ads: Remarketing, Lead generationsLinkedin Ads: B2B Lead gen.Pinterest: Creative & gift items (Female audience only)Instagram: Brand awareness & engagement

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