Prashant Gupta .

Do we have any platform where agencies can share their experience with a brand or company? Other agencies would also be able to check the client rating before taking up the project. How amazing this could be..

Lack of unity in agencies and I would not hesitate to say insecurity has lead us to a situation where brands are treating agencies like single-use plastic.

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Vinay Kevadia

Yeah, in brands and corporates, because of the politics exists in between managers/executives, sometime it creates issues related with payments/contracts/delay in payments etc for contractors and agencies

Zain Siddiqui

Its called Pushstart?👀

Prashant Gupta

agreed but dhundhna mushkil hai. You know what I'm saying:)

Zain Siddiqui

A hashtag should solve the problem?Ansha Dixit can we popularize #PushAgencyReview on posts that talk about experiences with agencies?

Prashant Gupta

haan but even then. Searching a structured database is different. Moreover, a verified review will bring in trust. Being a fellow agency owner n knowing market so well, it is not Always brands that are wrong. Many many agencies, over promise n under deliver.

Anaggh Desai

Unlikely for agencies to unite. Just like brands don’t unite. Some semblance of ‘Industry Unity’ happens when crisis hits.

Rohit Nair

And what if some other agency poaches the client you are bad mouthing about?

Prashant Gupta

if the client is bad why are you still with them? This is the insecurity I speak about. We must learn to be assertive n say "Dear brand the contract is terminated because of these reasons. Good luck!!"

Jason Samuel

Although this is a brilliant plan, the reason why it will not work with an impact is because most agencies/companies cannot afford to maintain the integrity or class that some of us do.

They are forced to bottom-feed because of a bad business plan that leave them with every penny deal out there to put food on their plates and send minimums to the people who work.

Ofcourse quality companies can join together and form a union which will blacklist any client who is on the bad books of one.

Prashant Gupta

let's launch something. A basic stuff for community welfare

n I agree with what you're saying but who'll tell them at large? Can we do something to educate them?

Jason Samuel

We should either form a consortium. We cannot educate them. Bottom feeders exist everywhere. But people will aspire to be like us and hopefully raise their standards.

Abhishek Avikk Gupta

It's tough to find good associations to work on this kind of idea.

Naresh Shetti

think we can just replicate the CREDAI or RERA association format.
was trying to do this for photographers and editors and had connected with a few stake holders in the market before coronization

I hv some ideas, I am open for a discussion

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