Rajarshee Chakravarty .

Hello everyone. I am looking for platforms where I can find podcasts (mainly on marketing) .Please drop your suggestions (both free and paid platforms ) , but preferably those platforms which don't require me to download an app.

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Vanshi Mehta

Anchor. I think they have a web version

Neha Misra

Anchor is good for making podcasts, if you're looking for some stuff castbox is good as well

Rajarshee Chakravarty

I don't want to make podcasts. I am a user.

Neha Misra

Castbox , Spotify are good then

Rahul Anand

Search Uppskill on Spotify for Marketing Related Podcast.

Harshad Moray


Nahush Gulawani

Advt is dead on Spotify!

Ayush Muniya

Hey you can check www.allwebinars.co, as of now we have catered some amazing webinars and soon will cater podcasts happening around.
Do have a look!

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