Sagar Dubey .

Hey pushstarters,
I hope everyone is doing good amid COVID19.
We were suppose to launch our product Let’s Go by end of this month but I guess we have to delay this a bit!

This is our landing page and we are still welcoming feedbacks just to be all set for our launch. Any feedback or suggestion would be really appreciated!
Thanks for your time

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Priyank Piyush

Idea looks interesting!! Many of my friends have faced the problem you are solving. Just my suggestion, you can partner up with dating apps to help the matches set up their first dates.

Sagar Dubey

thanks for the valuable suggestion. Right now we are focusing on married couples but surely we will think about it as we go forward. Thanks

Kumar Shyamal

Looks interesting! Neat and clean website. It conveys the message.

Sagar Dubey

thank you so much for your feedback.

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