Raghav Bhatia .

I am an engineering undergrad at BITS Goa and I have recently launched a venture BrandingFunda.com, with an aim to provide result-oriented marketing solutions to brands. I have worked with a team of 7-8 strong headed BITSians. This website is built for our sheer love for ads, brands and content marketing. It also includes educational blogs and podcasts. Currently it is performing decently on SERP.

Would love to get feedback on the website and suggestions on how I can optimize the content and design on the website to improve the outreach. Any ideas about what more can be added to the website are also welcome.

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Moulik Jain

Did a quick look at your website and it's really amazing to see such a get UI interface.

Few Key Points:

Website Audit:
- Remove Pop-up to enter the website
- Blog is not properly clickable on Home Page

SEO Audit:
- Heading Tags, ALt Tags and many basic point need to be re-looked.

Social Media:

- Dude you have such a great content, increase your FB,Insta followers it is less the 100.
- Promote your content through email marketing

I know it's basic, hope it help.

Raghav Bhatia

thanks! Was really helpful.

Mansi Rastogi

Ansha Dixit Thanks for the Tag.

Raghav Bhatia- First things first. Cheers for getting your venture going. It takes a lot of energy so the effort definitely deserves applause.

Now for the website - I am not known to mince words so please don’t feel bad. My hope is this will give you an insight from a business perspective.

Good things
1) The site is shaping well in terms of design.
2) Looks like you’re crowdsourcing content which will be awesome if you’re planning to be a media site.

Not so great things
1) I have no idea whom you’re targeting and the difference between you and someone else who’s giving the same service.
2) When you say result - oriented marketing solutions for Brands - What does that mean? What type of result? What type of Marketing? Which Brands?
3) The About section needs a lot of work. And it confuses me about your message and target audience.
4) I think you may be trying to BE too many things, all at the same time i.e. Be a community, be a service provider and be a media platform. You may want to - Pick one primary lane and then expand.

Small Oops stuff on the site
1) Your podcast link in the Nav appears twice. Not sure why.
2) Site seems clunky in terms of structure. Could be a visual issue.

Things I would look at:
1) What you want your business to achieve for yourself and others?
2) Who’s your audience? **Please don’t say Brands. That doesn’t mean anything nowadays.
3) Harnessing your strengths and your team’s strength.
4) Reverse - engineering your design and content to suit your business goal. Not the other way around.
5) Getting a sales process and documenting it - I can’t tell you how much this will change your perspective of what you create.
6) Build your business for who you want to become. But don’t lie about who you are. There’s no Fake it till you make it. There’s only Do it till you Become it.

Hope this helps. Ask if you have questions please.

Chintan Bavishi 

This feedback.!🙌

Raghav Bhatia

Thanks for the valuable feedback! Will get back to you after making the changes.

Prashant Gupta

I'd love to suggest couple of things. Although ,Moulik, one of my favorite Pushstarter, has covered most of it, I've still got a few questions. I hope you don't mind answering..

-What is result oriented marketing and how do you aim to provide the same?
-What did your proclaimed love for brands taught you about home page?
-How do you define decently? What are the keyword and what is region?
-Since thou have specifically mentioned 'outreach'...who's your target audience?

I'm late by few minutes. Mansi Rastogi has covered what Moulik left. I still think there are couple of more points to address....Which I'll share once I get the answer.

Raghav Bhatia

Hello! I would love to answer the mentioned questions.

- Result oriented marketing is marketing which persuades people to take an action. Hence, the idea is not just to create content for brands, but to create content that adds value and helps them build brand equity. People crave for good stories these days. We aim to lead great storytelling campaigns for businesses that help them with their required CTAs. The approach we use for the same is inbound content marketing strategy. That is to intially focus on the top of the marketing funnel by building brand awareness, then nurturing leads at the middle, and finally following up with potential buyers at the bottom. I have been doing this as a freelancer and now wish to scale up as an agency, with a team of content writers, designers, web developers and social media managers.

- There are some things that need to be added to the home page. The website isn't fully ready yet, but since we had a couple of clients on board and some potential prospects, I had to launch the website. We are planning to add testimonials, client ROI stories, a detailed explanation for all our services, a management team page, newsroom section and more.

- We have got a good 2000+ unique visitors in the first month with a bounce rate of 33%.

- Our target audience include college startups, individuals running small businesses like real estate or restaurant owners, and firms, B2C, B2B and D2C.

Raj Bhatt

Hi Raghav,

I see that you are still developing the website and I am sure it will turn out to be great once completed.

I am sharing my 2 cents below:

1. Try to maintain a clean UI design and structure throughout the website that allows users to navigate seamlessly between pages/categories.
2. Your website doesn't convey what are the primary offerings! Moreover, it feels like a mix of personal and business websites. You mention "My Blog" in the top nav while your CTA mentions "Try Us". A finer content copy on the homepage and rest of the landing pages will help you out!
3. If you are planning to scale the website in the future, I recommend using a CMS like WordPress instead of your current setup based on Wix. Since you are still in the nascent stage, it will be easier to switch right now.
4. Invest your time and efforts in following best SEO practices (mobile-friendly, page load time, keywords, etc.) right from the start.
5. Run A/B tests to analyze the behavior of your website visitors and make necessary updates to the landing pages to improve the user experience. As you may already know, there are plenty of tools out there that can help you achieve this.

These are a few things that cross my mind as I see your website. Please feel free to reach out if in case you need any help! Best wishes for your new venture!

Cheers, Raj

Raghav Bhatia

Thank you for your guidance. Will try to incorporate these changes

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