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I recently worked with a client to make their contract more engaging and to make to easier for their clients to be confident of understanding the content while signing the agreement.

The problem is that non-law folks don't want to sign a 20 page document that they don't understand. This leads to a lot of back and forth which delays contract execution and ultimately leads to loss of business in the worst case scenario.

We decided to redo the contract with a new mindset. Our objective was to make the contract more readable, thereby reducing the time it took to onboard clients.

As a result, the 20 pages of legalese was broken down into 10 pages of plain language text (Work in progress) that is easy to read. Attached below are some excerpts from the agreement!

Not all Legal agreements need to look boring! Legal can be simple.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

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Anoop Ashok

I would love to discuss this entire process. Being a lawyer myself, very interesting in my opinion.

Techie Lawyer 

Let me know what you want to know :)

Harshala Chavan

This looks pretty interesting! Surely makes reading contract much easier. But don't forget that, might sound evil, but sometimes contracts are designed tight so that a person reading might give up doing so or might not bother to after reading at some point. Typically this happens in the T&C every company or social network uses which is always long having jargons. They don't want you to read it you know. Also, you'll need to make sure there aren't loose ends in this format and meaning remains the same.

Ananya Banerjee

The most important use of a contract is in its interpretation during dispute resolution. It would be interesting to see how judicial authorities and arbitrators treat such contracts. Also, some parts of contracts might seem difficult for non-law people, however, the language has specific interpretation and years and years of precedence to give it power. Definitely evolving area, though. And an interesting take.:)

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