Akshaya Bhatia .

As reported, Reliance Industries Limited chairman Mukesh D Ambani at the 43rd Annual General Meeting announced that Reliance Jio has partnered with Google to introduce an Android-based operating system for affordable smartphones.

After providing affordable 4G handsets in the form of the JioPhone powered by KaiOS, Jio is now looking forward to introducing affordable 5G phones as well.

Jio Platforms and Google have also entered into a commercial agreement to jointly develop an entry level affordable smartphone with optimizations to the Android operating system and the Play Store...

Meanwhile, Google has announced that it is investing Rs 33,737 crore in Jio Platforms. This investment by Google values Jio Platforms at an equity value of ₹ 4.36 lakh crore. Google’s investment will translate into a 7.73% equity stake in Jio Platforms on a fully diluted basis..

Also, Reliance Jio has announced Jio Glass, the device designed for mixed reality services to offer an immersive experience for the users...

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