Anshul Bansal .

Hello Pushers and Starters

I am working on an idea to promote remote culture and travel together. Something like a mixture of co-working + airbnb services including soft landing, an exclusive community, local help, good food, etc. It can be called remote travel program where they can travel to a place for 1 month and need not to worry about anything related to lodging, internet, food, etc. and everything in a fixed cost. In the next month, the destination will be different. Let's say the program allows you to stay in Goa January, Rishikesh in February, Ooty in March, Dharamshala in April and so on.

Since we will be focussing on quality over quality with 15-20% margin in the program cost and I personally believe this is more of futuristic work approach for India.

What do you think?

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Shovit Rana

Working on same model but only for one state with different locations. Lockdown forced to get into this.🙂

Zain Siddiqui

It already exists. Check The Remote Life and Work From Mountains

Anshul Bansal

The remote life focuses on International travel destinations only. Work from Mountains is only from UK & HP

Zain Siddiqui

If destinations is your differentiation, its not a good differentiation.

Arvind Subraminion

It’s not futuristic for one simple reason it does not have Mass. It can be a focused Niche. Not every one can afford this lifestyle or have such a work schedule.

But very interesting concept

Anshul Bansal

Yes. This is very niche market. Let's say we plan to host only 12-15 members a month

Amit Pandey

That's a great idea, would love to connect with u regarding same :) trying to build some community around that

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