Hardik Lashkari .

"After retirement, MS Dhoni can easily become DRS Expert for any team because teams would love him to share the experience with players", Michael Vaughan said in a recent interview.

If you reclock the time, MS Dhoni, as a captain, never supported the Decision Review System.

He always thought that technology had few drawbacks and it needed improvement.

But, after Virat Kohli became the captain, DRS was made mandatory by ICC in almost all the matches.

Since 2015, India is ranked No. 1 in Successful Reviews, thanks to the sharp eyes of MS Dhoni. Virat Kohli and even Rohit trust MS Dhoni blindly in DRS issues.

On Social Media, DRS is often called Dhoni Review System.

What does it show?

You might not be a supporter of a system, technology or a person, but it is indispensable to adapt to it when the need arises.

You can't run away because faster you run, faster they follow. When you adapt well, success is bound to come your way.

Positions can be created, if your skills are irreplaceable.

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