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Why Google still hails LONGER content as king in a world with a decreasing attention span...

Twitter. TikTok. Instagram Stories.
All innovations to suite our ever decreasing attention. Attention is falling and influencers with a talent for short entertainment are rising. We all know that.

And that’s great...for that context.

This might make us think, “shorter attention spans = shorter content = better content”. While that is a logically sound assumption, Google doesn’t agree.

A study done by Backlinko after analysing literally MILLIONS of blog posts showed us that “longer content = better content”.

Certain people in the industry have started terming these longer pieces of content (written or video) as PILLAR POSTS. And they have been working fabulously for generating high quality traffic.

(Exactly a year ago, I created a website and tried this myself. It really does work).

The idea is to not write or create lengthy content for the heck of it. It’s to create the type of content that will prove most HELPFUL to the user.

Think about it, why would Google (Search or Youtube) rank certain content over the other? 2 reasons:

- The site has established a supreme authority over years of building its name in that industry
- The content ranked at the top is simply the most helpful source of information for that search query

Building authority takes time and is an-going process of branding.

But the second point is so much more helpful for a marketer to know. Google wants you to rank if you are adding true value to the user. And that can only happen when your post has substance.

Substance is hard to create in a 500 word post or a 3 minute video.

Is it possible to do well with short content on Google? Sure. But the majority speaks for itself.

So when creating a piece of content for Search or YT, don’t just answer a search query! Think about what questions will the user have AFTER they understand their initial query. Add primary research, link to Google Scholar articles, provide contextual personal experiences.

Be the most helpful source of information on a given keyword phrase and you will get traffic.

That’s good content.
That’s SEO.
That’s understanding digital context.

Unfortunately, it’s a concept that isn’t very popular. Which is great coz it widens our opportunity to win.

Source: https://backlinko.com › content-studyWe Analyzed 912 Million Blog Posts. Here's What We Learned About ... - Backlinko

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