Anand Makhija .

Hey Guys,

I'm working on launching a e-commerce store for my beverage startup.

Till now, I was convinced Shopify is the best way to go. However, I came across Wix recently, and it's only Rs 29 a month.

So I'm yet pretty sure Shopify is better, but considering the vast cost difference, I thought I'd consider Wix too.

Has anyone used wix for ecommerce before?

Wanted some feedback if it's any good.

Thanks in advance!


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Geet Kiran Aneja

used Wix for an own brand of home furnishings 2 years back, regretted it. As soon as I shifted to Shopify, I could focus more on sales and operations than unnecessary Wix edits.

Ratnesh Karbhari

Dono bhi mat lo

Piyush Soni

Then what would be your suggestion?

Ratnesh Karbhari 

custom built solution...

Sayan Saha

Don't even think of using Wix, it's pure crap. Either use wocommerce or go with Shopify. Personally I prefer wocommerce, otherwise custom web development on laravel is also good to go.

Piyush Soni

Can you share your experience why woocomerce or shopify!!

Sayan Saha

we've developed 50+ ecom websites for our clients till now, the advantage of WordPress (wocommerce) or Shopify over wix, is their flexibility and availability of resources. You can almost do whatever you want, you don't need to have any coding knowledge. However when comes to pricing, WordPress is a way cheaper alternative than Shopify. As it's open-source, you can do whatever you want, fully customisable top to bottom. And Wix also has a great community, however you don't get that much control. It's kinda buggy and available resources are not that great. There any many things that you can't do on a Wix. I love Wordpress, because it's easy to customise and optimize, Shopify can't be optimised that much, still that's good. So my opinion, Wix is only good for A very basic website. Otherwise use wocommerce for business or ecom or professional websites because you'll get handful of up-to-date resources. Shopify is kinda for beginners, if you don't have a development team and wanna focus on sales, then go for Shopify as it's a managed platform

Pratyush Shrivastav

I haven't extensively used Wix or Spotify, but from what I understand, Wix is targetted at people who are looking to put up a portfolio website of sorts. Mostly for artists, individuals, and shops only looking to market their brand.

E-commerce is more than just the website. it requires a lot of backend. Your choice should be a service that does a good job there. Apparently, Shopify does.

Varun Joshi

If the products are gonna be made in your vicinity with all the quality and safety measures than wix is a cost effective solution, however there are many features similar to “drop shipping” that are not available on wix, you might want to consider Wordpress too if you are doing it yourself, googling for a free course may help... DM me if need any support with wix or Wordpress..✌️

Daksh Jaiswal

We’ve used both wix and shopify for client websites - they both serve a very different need. While wix has introduced e-commerce options, Shopify’s interface to add products, make changes, app integrations is way ahead. Wix is good choice if you want to build simple websites with options to easily make changes with the CMS and a quick launch timeline. Shopify serves the same purpose for e-commerce.

If you want to know more, I can ask the team to share more relevant inputs with you


Harshil Vora

WordPress is a really amazing alternative too. I use it for my fashion startup https://www.hoomanwear.co/ is a 100% wordpress. I was using Shopify earlier for the same and switched after 4 months because of lack of customisation and high monthly costs of Shopify.

Subro Dey

While I am long time woocommerce developer and advocate use of open-source however, in my personal experience Shopify is great and takes away so much pain points while scaling.. But again, if you have specific feature needs or customization needs or integration etc, Shopify isnt as flexible as you would like it to be.

Tarun Savita Rajaputhran 

Have you tried Zoho Ecommerce?

Piyush Soni

Yeah it is much more cheaper than shopify, I think! Am I right?

Tarun Savita Rajaputhran 

yes, also it offers you a lot of options for a business such as Zoho one along with it

Arindam Nath

why are you considering Wix or Shopify?You can get a customisable Ecommerce in WordPressNo monthly rentals at all if you take the hosting plan accordingly.

Saurabh Gautam 

it's worst

Arindam Nath

not exactly.If correctly bulit it works fine. And also it secures payments if you use a proper hosting with SSL certificate

Piyush Soni

Siteground + Wordpress, I think is a good combo..

Piyush Soni 

You can go through this. It would clear all your doubts. I would also recommend Shopify btw.
Wordpress can also be considered.


Vinay Jain

We're Wix Experts. We build custom e-com portals, we work on Shopify, We work on Magento, We work on Woocommerce.

Let me share how you should go about it:

1. Use Wix if you have budget problem (5k-10k) and want to start within 3-4 days.
2. Hire us or anyone for Woocommerce if you have 30k-80k budget and want a good designed website.
3. Hire us or anyone for Magento if you have 2L+ Budget and want to jump directly only a huge portal if you think you'll get huge traffic, userbase and traction from day 1.
4. Hire us or anyone for Shopify if you're ok with templatised designs, ready to go live in 3-4 days and ok paying shopify every now and then for any damn small or large thing. Mean if you have no budget problem.

Usually what e-com startups do when they want to grow easily:
1. Wix > Shopify > Magento
2. Woocommerce > Magento
3. Shopify > Woocommerce > Magento
4. Wix > Woocommerce.
5 Shopify > Woocommerce.

Believe me 2nd one is the best option you'll ever go with. You'll thank me later.

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