Rajesh Garg .

Have you ever heard of Productizing B2B services?

By Productization, I mean making processes and servicing tech-enabled thus saving efforts and costs on both buyer and seller ends. 😍😍

This is a business model that is more predictable, process-focused, and easier to sell at scale.

Sounds good, right?

And guess what,

They were able to scale their business on a large scale as well as provide their services on a rational price to customers! 🤯🤯

What is a better way to service your clients?

1) Productising your B2B Service

2) A mix of both depending on nature of service/requirement

3) Focussing on custom requirements and existing process with a lot of manual efforts/human involvement

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Shikar Sharma

Seems like productizing can be a good option as you would be able to get more clients and revenue is also good

Deepak Singh

So I want to ask when is the best time to productize my services?

Neil Philip

Deepak Singh once you’re comfortable with services offered and is ready to scale up using the right processes.

Rajesh Garg

Yeah true! When your product starts solving a specific problem, I think you are ready!!

Our fellow pushstarters would give better answer for this!

Neil Philip

Rajesh Garg did u mean ‘better’ answer or more answers that either support or object the notion?

The ‘better’ can be interpreted that my answer was not good enough.

Rajesh Garg

Neil Philip No you were absolutely correct! I was just asking more and more opinions for the same!

Neil Philip

That’s exactly what we at The Pendits have done.

We’ve successfully productised content writing service and is labelled as ‘Managed Content Delivery Platform’

Rajesh Garg

Thats great!! So whats your experience regarding this business model?

Neil Philip

Interesting. But I don’t think Indian market is matured enough to handle it yet.

We’ve automated a lot to make it really easy for the customers and Indian customers still want to do petty negotiations on the pricing when we’re already competitively priced.

Abhinav Sankar

Why so? Neil Philip

Neil Philip

Abhinav Sankar from our experience, Indian customers still want the ability to negotiate and the satisfaction they get by saving 50rupees seems to be bigger than the quality of content we provide.

Not demeaning anyone, but speaking from our experience and interactions.

It’s become to such an extent that the team is now working to handle payments in USD as we’re planning to go international.


Abhinav Sankar

Neil Philip Yes I agree the negotiation part of indian customers- but dont you think with the right positioning and showing that youre competitvely priced would work to fix this?

Neil Philip

Abhinav Sankar I too felt it that way. While there are customers who value content and appreciates what we do, but the majority doesn’t seem to.

Any productised service, be it ZOMATO, swiggy or any other startup, the overhead cost will be more thandirect dealing.

We are always wanting discounts and we never become loyal to a brand.

Even these big guys are retaining customers through promo codes and discounts.

Else, like Uber did, should kill an entire industry and then customers will be ready for out of no options. That agin requires huge investment to undercut expenditure and give it cheap to clients.

Abhinav Sankar

Right. Any specific ways you have in mind to solve this for Indian Market?

Neil Philip

the way I see, either companies have to undercut, destroy the existing market and then raise the price. Like Uber and Jio did.

Else, go international.

Coz apparently foreign clients value quality and won’t do the petty negotiations. This again has to be experimented to understand.

Prasad R. Ganpule

if you want to scale up, you need a product, because products have boundaries, services don’t. When you sell a product you can formulate it in a manner on different parameters. So yes if possible. Productize your service with boundaries.

Ansha Dixit

Productisation of services is good idea but not every service can be productised.

A service provide must keep both options

Rajesh Garg

Ok interesting! So at what stage do you think, that one can start offering these services?

Ansha Dixit

from the beginning

Abhinav Sankar

It should be a mix of both- there are a lot of requirements in the industry that is very difficult to productise

Krishna Grandhi

Certain non-core, process-friendly, and repetitive tasks can be "productised" in law. But the fun is when you are still able to use technology to artificially introduce "intelligence" into the mix, just like a lawyer would in a law firm setting. We arevery far away in time from completely replacing a lawyer with "productised" service delivery (at least I hope LOL), but we can definitely introduce some efficiencies in the mix and save money for our clients.

As a side note: I am trying to do just that - build a legal platform for startups, with a budget-friendly yet "intelligent" interface - hope to share it here with all of you in a few short months.

Shraddha Yeolekar

A mix makes sense. For large requirements we go for custom proposals. For standard small requirements, a productized shop makes sense - saves time & increases efficiency. We have tried it for content services. Works

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