Bhavik Jain .

One of the most common mistakes that hamper business growth is Focussing too much on sales and not enough on marketing!

Companies try to focus more on selling the stuff rather than increasing its customer base!.

And during these times, when grabbing customer's attention is the most important thing!

Shouldn't Marketing be on more priority than sales?

Don't you think brands should focus more on gaining market recognition and grow their consumer base?

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Rajesh Garg

I think sales is the final aim of every company! If you are achieving that no matter how, I think it does not matters whether you are spending on marketing or not!

Bhavik Jain

But extending your business to a larger audience definitely matters, don't you think? you would be able to generate more revenue in that case!

Sooraj Kumar R

Bhavik Jain depends on what You're selling

Jeet Parekh

How it is a common mistake?🤔

And why it is a mistake?

Bhavik Jain

What I feel is new companies which are coming to market should focus more on their branding customer recognition! Seedha hee sales ke peeche pad gye, toh we can loose majority of customers

Jeet Parekh

this is absolutely wrong. Sales cures all.

One should focus on sales and not recognition and blah blah blah.

If one is not able to sell, whats the use?

Bhavik Jain

No brother you are getting me wrong here! I am not saying sales is wrong! Obviously sales is the topmost priority! All I want to say is first company should focus on max customer recognition. Some people used to follow this in a wrong way!

Rushi Ahuja

Pl tell me how to get consistent sales without marketing. I also want to make this mistake.😌

Bhavik Jain

Yeah definately one cannot do sales without marketing! The point I want to convey is that focusing more on marketing would give you larger sales. Rather than focusing on certain number of customers for sales!

Rushi Ahuja

Completely onboard with this.

Santosh Charan

Seems like an unpopular opinion from the reactions but I tend to agree. Reality and the decision on when/how much to priortize mktg/sales may vary by market/industry and phase of the company but building a brand and marketing should make sales easier in the medium-long term.

Aditi Kaushiva

Agreed💯One of the few points in which me and my cofounder always debate. He sees sales. And I tell him we are current trying to increase our customer base. When u reach out to a new customer segment, sales don't happen immediately... not with say 1 sponsored ad. It is constant marketing and building trust. The customer will see your ad 10 times, brand recall will happen and then only it will convert to sales

Indrasen Bhosale

for me sales is a part of marketing. both are equally important for any business. it all depends on your product/service and funds available. brands with less budget should focus on sales first then invest on marketing whereas brands with large budget should focus on marketing, building brand image first then focus on sales. its upto you.

Jeet Parekh

Sales>>>>>>>> marketing>>>>> customer recognition in my virw

Nikhil Sachdeva

No thats not true. Real problem is founders focus too much on one thing or other.

For eg take any non tech businesses, they founders keeps watching marketing videos, page optimizations, page builders then they forget they should focus more on strategies and sales.

Majority of Founders simply dont focus on things what matters the most and spend their whole day on everything else.

Arunaday Basu

correct. They don't know what is required. And get fascinated by everything and they wanna implement everything.

Abhishek Gupta

Nikhil Sachdeva Rightly said. If the founders focus on the things that requires their focus and attention more and let other people handle things in which they have expertise the growth process will be smooth.

Nikhil Sachdeva

And the beauty of such trials is that people will get their initial success be it designing a landing page, trying hands-on FB ads, and anything. And that costs them time which is more valuable.
They got little dopamine hit once they get initial things right and they keeps sacrificing everything in return.

Once, I was handling Real estate client in Noida and their calling team kept me discussing about sem tools like semrush, ahrefs and how he tried getting leads himself, and I knew that client was not going to convert my leads.

From owner to entire sales team was more interested in DM thing rather then Real estate thing.

I asked owner to get me a call recording of them and there were too many flaws. So instead of improving them in communication, presentation, they were interested in dm things.

This is stupid! This is a sure sure way to kill your business.

Skills including python code from zero can be learnt in 2 months. But what matters the most is experience, speed and exposure you get through the years to become a competitive expert in that domain.

For me learning dm, coding is nothing more than learning cooking. But can actually some cook as good as Sanjiv Kapoor in just 3 months?

Better set KRA's for everyone including CEO and stick to it.

Abhishek Samant

I think marketing is a way of increasing your chance of selling a product or a service. So I don't think it's an either or question here. Obviously you can regulate your budget for marketing, as is the case with most other business factors. But I don't think that you can always prioritise one thing over the other.

Abhishek Gupta

The reality behind all this is that people want short term benefits. Rather than following and the marketing-sales process correctly and focus on brand building they just want massive sales in a jiffy. Sales is the end of the funnel. To stay long in business and grow steadily, focus more on creating value and sales will follow.

PS - If you build a strong foundation, you are likely to survive better in dire times.

Bhavik Jain

Yeah I was also trying to say that thing only that people should see always the bigger goals behind their strategies! Short term goal soon after starts failing!

Devsurabhee Yaduvanshi 

I agree with this, although I would say that Sales is the moving arm of Marketing. Both cannot be mutually independent of each other.

I use an analogy to explain this:
Imagine the motorboat engine. The rotor is what moves and takes the boat forward or backward, and that's Sales. However, the rotor is attached to the engine, Marketing, which if it is not strong enough, the rotor blade is of no use. You can perhaps manually turn the rotor and move a bit, but it's nothing compared to having an engine do this.

Why I use this example is to underline the important and symbiotic relationship that Marketing and sales share. Having an engine generates the force that makes the rotor turn and take the boat forward.

Knowing what you're selling, how you're packaging it, having consistent messaging, brand cohesiveness and other entailing marketing activities is an important precursor to actually going out to sell it. In a similar vein, knowing your target audience, market segmentation, having done all analyses, ensure you're not shooting blanks.

This is my two cents, from what I've used as a cornerstone while consulting for businesses.

One cannot ignore one of the two, and still hope to succeed. Example:
You can't go on a sales call to a customer, sit there with no marketing collaterals, both online and offline, and hope to make a lasting impression. How do you essay what you're selling without these in place?

Same way, if you focus entirely on Marketing, and not on sales, you're readying and loading a gun, but you're not firing the shots if sales is not up to the mark, or a point of focus after that. It will remain a loaded gun, but of no use.

Therefore, the stress on a symbiotic relationship between Marketing and Sales, a two-way relationship. What I've noticed is, there is a very confrontational relationship between the two, at least in larger companies, which is detrimental. None is lesser than the other in importance, both are essential for the functions they exist for.

Akash Agarwal

Marketing is getting 1 million followers on digital media. selling is about selling to 1 million customers. selling is a revenue function. marketing is an expense function.

selling is what makes companies, creates customers, and revenues with profits.

marketing brings investors, creates fake followers (non-paying customers) and revenues with losses..

Focus on sales, and market starts recognising you as brand..

Neeraj Tiwari

Marketing and Sales both need to be done, however for a startup/new business which is revenue focused....SALES is the first and most important thing. For startups which focus on getting downloads, users, traction....MARKETING is important.

Business who are revenue-focused, they should give priority to Sales and then marketing. However, one should do both it is just the order of priority which matters case by case.

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