Piyush Soni .

"I have a joke on Internships but it is unpaid!"

You might take that as a joke, but sadly this is a reality, which the majority of Indian companies are practicing all in the name of Experience!๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

While an Internship is supposed to be a win-win for both ends, the status quo in this capitalistic society has made internships a highly one-sided affair.

Sadly, companies are exploiting students to extract labour that is Cheap, Unpaid, or the worst of it all, something the intern has to pay for!๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”

And especially in countries like India, with insanely high rates of unemployment and income disparities, internships are synonymous with exploitation and exclusion.

Why do you think, this kind of unbiasedness happens in India? Is this justified?๐Ÿง๐Ÿง

Don't you think just like Labour laws, Govt. should also bring some kind of Internship laws in India?

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Piyush Soni

She mentions one thing in her post that students don't have relevent experience to do internships! But don't you think Internships are done to gain that thing only?

Nikhil Jain

else. Freelancing is a best test for individuals to see if their skills are readily accepted by most companies in lieu of compensation for Skills.

Piyush Soni

Yeah! Freelancing is surely a good option to test that. But even after that, how we would ensure the right amount of payment. Lets say you have good experience, you know the things that a company wants you to do, even then internships in India are way underpaid! How to tackle that?

Nikhil Jain

when you're good and you can give a taste of how good you're, people literally come to you with offers.

That's my experience during college days in 2014.

Pratik Gupta

I have a joke on interns, but they will need training to understand it.

Our education system needs a lot of improvement. Why should a company hire a intern who needs a training and pay for that training too.๐Ÿ˜Š

Piyush Soni

No! The problem is not paying problem is underpaying!

Pratik Gupta

No you are wrong. For many interns there should be no payment, coz they still need to learn after so much of education

Khushbu Davda

Unpaid internships can replace further education. If you find a good mentor, it can be career changing.

People should be made aware of the difference between work experience and exploitation

They should be encouraged to leave if they're not learning anything

Shivam Malhotra

are jobs any different? The paying party in any transaction has an upper hand.In a country like ours where laws aren't the same as in the west,the person offering a service has to decide when to draw the line.

Be it interns,companies raising funds,employees or anyone else!

Also,we've always paid our 'full time' interns be it working remotely or in office.The lowest stipend has been 7K a month and the highest has been 15K but during interviews I meet so many kids who literally know nothing and they ask me 'please take us,dont pay us anything or pay for only transporation'.It has happened at least 4-5 times in the last 10 months so its obvious that companies would exploit these kids with little or no experience & those who lack basic skills.Now I dont believe this exploitation is bad because the kid themselves want to get exploited.

Its not like you've put a gun on their head

Piyush Soni

Ok fair enough, if students itself wants it, then what can we say? But exploitation is a you know really bad term! May be things can be taken care of in a much better way!

Somya Jain

I would say Deepak Kanakraju aka digital deepak has done a great job by launching a reverse psy internship process..

And he has got an extremely goood response.

Aditya Raja

Work for money. Money for work. No grey, no murk.

Sanchita Kshatriya

The usefulness of an internship has more to do with your goals and the nature of the position than whether or not itโ€™s paid. No internship is created equally. An unpaid position could easily yield countless benefits where a paid one just nets you a paycheck. The trick is figuring out which youโ€™ve signed up for before itโ€™s too late.

Iโ€™ve worked both paid and unpaid internships. My experiences have been largely positive.

In college I majored in journalism, an industry struggling to sustain profits and create jobs. I knew that if I wanted to secure a gig after college, I had to rack up internships during the summer. What I didnโ€™t realize is that most of the media internship opportunities were unpaid.

So I had my unpaid internship with Bloomberg HK, which gave me great local contacts, and I still freelance for that publication. It helped that they were flexible and trained me in practical elements of business journalism, which is less so in a classroom setup, and get valuable experience.

This unpaid internship helped me land my first job at Haymarket Media.

So, I think unpaid internships pay on your resume in a way. Hope this helps.

Prayank Pitti

No one is forcing students to do internship.
It's all about demand and supply and at the end, free market always helps the economy.

Such stupid laws will force the companies offer less internships and thereby students will graduate out of colleges with just textbook knowledge.

Infact unpaid internships are a boon to the students to hone their skills and prove their worth.

Piyush Soni

Ok fair enough! I think it depends on students as well, how they take it! Opportunity or excuse!

Prayank Pitti

Yes. When educational institutions fail students atleast let companies help them provide real experiences.

Even students are adults who can make their own decisions.

Agni Chatterjee

5k paid internship in which you get exploited is no different than getting exploited for no money , at the end of the day if you have not learnt something valuable paid or unpaid in your internship it was a waste of time. Plan your internship judiciously , do your homework well and absorb information like SpongeBob once you get the internship.

Sankalp Sahu

Something needs to be said about reduced pay in wfh internships too. A lot of standard perks- high specced machine to work on and reliable fast paced internet services are not provided anymore to interns and yet the stipends have been reduced sharply in most industries.

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