Sanjeev Agarwal .

Lately saw messages of Wikipedia asking for Monetary support to keep the site alive. Why won't they monetise the site without compromising the user experience? Was just curious...

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Abhishek Samant

Well they're a non-profit organisation and rely on public donations.

Vikram Sathey

Knowledge has to be free

Anton Gwal

Vikram Sathey Question for you. Why do schools charge fees then?

Vikram Sathey

Who says the education system in India isnt flawed?

Anton Gwal

Good point. However given that Wikipedia harnesses so much useful information I feel it's one product I'd definitely pay for. It's like as a child my parents paid for the entire encyclopedia set.

Santosh Dubey

I feel sad about this. Wikipedia valuation will be around 10 billion dollars. But they some how didn't develop their revenue model. I don't think they will be able to continue like this. They really need to do something about it.

Piyush Soni

The thing is everyone goes to wikipedis because it is free. Agar wo bhi paid ho jaega to, no one would go there. Other articles and journals are available for paid ones!

Akash Watekar

They run crowd funding campaign every year.. not something new.

Tonmoy Goswami


Vyom Parekh

Just curious, why don't they opt to run ads on their website?

Pankaj Vijayvargiya

Vyom Parekh Because that'd comprise with their "neutrality" angle.

Priyank Dhyani

It's very important to help free open source knowledge platforms.

Achintya Surya

This is their annual activity

Sanjeev Agarwal

And do they sound this desperate every year??

Achintya Surya

they do

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