Rajesh Garg .

Business idea for my dad!

My father will be retiring this year from his job.

Thus, he is planning to start a small scale business for himself after his retirement!

Which small scale industry can be setup within a budget of 20-30 lakhs?

Any suggestions!

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Nipul Jain

Any Wholesale Branded Product Distributions! All the best do support him 🙂

Siddartha Khetan

If he has interest in stock market and investment, then this can be a good idea...

As a retired person he will have time for family and work both without much pressure

Sudhir Kumar Sinha

Invest in our product/ Take a franchisee of Retail store from us.

Mithun K

All the best !Start online based grocery or food delivery business .

Keyur Savaliya

Tell him to join Solar energy bandwagon we are into solar industry since last 10 years and this year launched all our own brand products which includes Solar water heater and solar power plant.

What he needs is just 1 or 2 employees and marketing installation and service setup by us.

Arbab Usmani

just don't start a business which you think will generate money

start a business around his skills and most probably he will nail it

Anaggh Desai

Rajesh - Pardon my being contrarian. But in age I may be closer to him and would suggest the following 1) As a Govt employee the chair is a crutch and one doesn’t like to take orders from companies etc 2) Let him take the first 3 months to relax, get up late, involve him in activities and generally do all that he could not do in these years. 3) During this period throw, evaluate ideas, discuss without first talking money. 4) narrow down 2-3 ideas where he can adopt a relaxed approach, work his own way etc 5) Do not. Do not look at Food, FMCG, Franchise options. The upfront and then working capital will bleed you. 6) Objective is to keep him busy and earn a little out of the 10-15 lacs of investment.

Please feel free to ask more details via email.

Jingo Shakir

Let him relax for atleast 6 months. Work on ideas and polish till then. And yaa consider to invest 15-20 lacs. Look at the security part of Govt employees too 😀

Pranav Agarwal

I think you’re putting the cart before the horse. I believe he must introspect on his skills and his passions. The intersection of those two is a sweet spot but rarely available.

He must NOT use the money he has saved as the entry point as businesses are notoriously cash sucking and he wouldn’t know what hit him when it keeps asking cash week after week.

Would love to hear back from you on his skills and passions and the city you live in

Raj Kiran Singh

It’s a bad idea to start working immediately after retirement. Ask him to take 2 - 3 years leave, travel, take a hobby have some peace and calm. Then may be try to open a business, after all he has worked most of his adult life it’s time to have some fun now.

Ramchandra Kumble

Don't spend any money in the beginning as much as possible. Work on 2 to 3 ideas which he likes.

I can help you evaluate if it is scalable. Focus on time involved and other factors to finalise the decision.

Deakin Daney

He can start that franchise of Greek yogurt? It looks very nice

Parixit Jayesh Popat

RIL has been converting Kirana stores into JioMart wherein they help you with POS, add you on JioMart app and I think supplies too. Already operational in Bombay.

Ratnesh Karbhari

Start a Shawarma Stall...

give different flavours...

nobody makes mutton shawarma...

nobody makes shawarma with tahini...

find out why... excel the competition... create a brand and grow from there...

buy a proper shawarma machine...

Shivakumar Valadi

In addition to all the suggestions above, based on his area of expertise, he can go in for Consulting and/or liasoning for those areas. There is a great need for this, especially with many new SMEs coming up and do not have expertise in all areas

Amit Patel

Take gaming franchise. Once the lockdown is over. Kids and parents are going to be out in gaming zones and food court

Anshul Bansal

If he is in Delhi/Mumbai(because I know somewhat these markets), try to set up Atta chakki. Low investment and high returns!

Sibendra Mallick

He has knwledge of a particular industry, he can train newbies how to apply, he can train experienced how to avoid mistakes.

I actually pitched tge same thing to my dad, but he was not convinced

May be he loves to win n loose share market more, like cricket games.

But wat i suggested, very less to loose, more to gaim

Kartik Raichura

Try https://partners.websites.co.in

for free. If you succeed, invest in

Local alliance partnership.. starts at 5 lakhs

Sandesh Soni

I have been in a similar boat. Business should be such that They get a company of people... employees/customers to talk. Its not about making a profit but spending time...

Satish Hampannavar

FirstCry.com is a good to go option if you are planning for a franchise store..

Shashank Srivastava

Start something which you or your father knows about.

Publically asking for ideas will lead you to losses as people share ideas based on their interest.

You need to see your skills from earning perspective

Yuvraj Shivhare

I have seen retired people setting up Green houses for Mushrooms, Stevia etc. An option worth exploring.

Amardeep Singh

What was he working as. He should continue to work somewhere in a connected network

Jitender Sangwan

Agriculture or solar

Ishita Bhattacharya


Nalin Savara

He should do what he loves - no matter how high or humble the work, the money will come

Narendra Babu

Plastic or wooden??

Nalin Savara

If he doesn’t enjoy some work he should not put his money into that - because in today’s world good people are hard to get and no good person with years of his productive life ahead of him will invest his time or best efforts in some work even the owner doesn’t care about -

And then the work will not flourish - because no matter how hard he tries or how difficult it was for him to earn the money - the people aren’t putting in their best effort and even he doesn’t care about the work - and he fears that he will lose his money - his life’s savings.

Saketh Ram

I suggested my father to look into Hydroponics. It's got a small learning curve but not rocket science. And plants are peaceful. There's always a market for veges

Gautam Roy

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Sushant Shekhar

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