Sathish CP .

Much had been read about SoftBank in the last few weeks, on a different perspective -

A look into the portfolio companies of its Vision Fund will help us understand which sectors are thriving & which ones are hit very hard!

Though it's no different from the scene around the startup ecosystem globally,

but it's an interesting case to look deep into and make a few observations!

Some interesting observations below:

✅The Vision Fund currently has 88 active portfolio companies that have not exited.
✅Of those, 19 investments saw a gain in the combined value of $3.4 billion,
✅while 50 companies saw a decline in value aggregating to $20.7 billion in losses.
✅19 portfolio companies were left unchanged in value.

As expected Enterprise software and health-tech space, us thriving.

Data suggests that we can expect a host of down-rounds if unicorns tend to raise capital in the short-term.

Look forward to closely following how things progress with softbank's investments!!!

Data Source: The Information
Image source: Finshots

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