Nikhil Jain .

Is there any Startup thats working on building & empowering talents in other important skills which also helps Companies survive.

Digital Marketing

We have some amazing Startups in Upskilling and Public Domain Testing of knowledge like Hackerrank, CodeChef, Pesto, Scalar Academy, etc. but most are into Coding only.

There is a Big unserved market & bigger problems for recruiters who are hiring talents in these domains.

Also there is hardly any platform conceptualised which could help people from Non-Coding background to display their skills & merits & compete globally while showcasing their talents.

One such initiative was previously, Google Online Marketing Challenge which had given great opportunities for college kids to learn-

Team Work
Buisness Development
PR and more.

Such skills are very important to back a good product.

Do Tag Folks who are working or doing something amazing in this Domain.

As Upskilling doesn't mean that you have only these options-

DS, AI/ML Engineering, PM, Full Stack and Finance


Do you know what other career Options you may have as per your Skills?

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Rahul Rajvanshi

In india I really doubt it

Rest CXL, DemandCurve, Reforge, GrowthTribe are doing great work globally

We have one for UI/UX called Design Boat

Aditi Agrawal

Hi Nikhil, our program does this for students in school / early college - School Of Future

Bharat Garachh

For digital marketing, people are spamming now

Either YouTube, email spam, very low cost, etc..

Very few people actually knows otherwise people doing blindly

Vishal Rewari

For DM we have IIDE

They are doing good work

Ritvik Agrawal

Working towards such a concept

Nikhil Jain

HackerRank jaisa for other fields nai mila!

Anapurna Monga

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