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Hey Pushstarter

Need a small help. I made a small web-app to manage all my insurances and get timely reminder. I faced issues where I missed a few premiums and got my insurances lapsed.

I think it is common problem and hence I am thinking of opening the platform for public. I am trying to get feedback from a few beta users about it. (FYI: UI is still primitive, so focus on just the use case please)

Please look into and provide feedback on the following:

- Validity of use case

- UX

- Bugs/Issues

- Feature recommendations

- Any other comment

Shall be a great help

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Yogesh Mukkawar

 Hey, how is this different from Google Calendar?

Gautam Mehta

 additionally, when you have to pay money to insurance firm, they start reminding you via calls/sms/email a month prior.

Gaurav Mittal

Legit question. Google Calendar is good but are you using it for insurance reminders? Plus, is Google Calendar giving you a single view of all the policies you hold?

I suffered loss of benefits even with all calls and SMSes and thus thought of designing this. Maybe you are better organized that most other people are and that's why I'm trying to get feedback and understand people's take on it. Thanks for your feedback buddy!

Aman Jha

We were building a money coach in 2017, we have scraped SMS's and fetched information like upcoming bill dates, that includes credit card bills etc.

I guess it's possible to easily scrape insurance messages and show it at a single place.

Yogesh Mukkawar

yes, I use Google Calendar for all my tasks including insurance payment. Apart from viewing it on a single screen it does the job. If the value addition is marginal then having another app, another login may not be a good idea.

Gaurav Mittal

True that. We are trying to add more value. What according to you could be more value add to nudge you to add policies and have another login? That shall be a help

Bharatwaj Rao

It’s a good product, you can even expand the product to multiple things.
Like a single dashboard for payment reminders.
Electric bills,phone bills.. I am pretty sure we aren’t short of bills and you can target both business and end consumers.. and charge business customers after sometime😉
Also if you planning to integrate sms😛
Contact me for bulksms, we have api for Transactional sms😁

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