Aditya Raja .

[Need expert opinion] Let us suppose I have a script to genuinely collect, store & verify emails(working/not working).

How will you warm them up? Define the strategy. (logical flow)

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Sushant Singh

The only way to actually check if the email working/active is to send an email to the address . You can catch the exception if it fails and mark else that email is working.Its better than you send a verification email so that you can also verify that email.,id%20is%20real%20or%20fake

Rahul Rajvanshi

Just use lemlist or

Hanif Shaikh

Aditya Raja in my experience if you want to get high open rates, follow all the steps mentioned by Rahul Rajvanshi to warm up your domain and email.

And also make sure your emails are customized for each recipient just don't send template emails to all, you can obviously have some part of the email same for everyone like your pitch, but there should be something unique in each email.

Rahul Rajvanshi

(this is relevant if you have switched ESPs and want to warm up your Domain and IP to reach a point where you can send mass emails )

Alternatively a good and proper way to warm up email is

1. Run your email list with a email verifier and filter out the bounced emails

2. Start sending emails at a lower volume to begin with and increase it daily

Example: Day 1 - 1000

Day 2- 3000 etc

( I have a chart I can share with max number of emails to send per day while warming up)

2. Now since you have started sending already , notice which are the most active emails address and start to send them more emails more active users = more clicks = chances of reaching higher volume is much faster

3. This goes without saying repeat and scale the best performing content

4. Make sure you are removing people who are unsubscribing real time to react more search CAN SPAM act 2003

5. Treat your email campaigns like stock market and notice the spikes and make. Ensure in this process that the bounce rate less than 1% and abuse complaint is 0

And of course for all this SPF , TXT, DKIM authentication goes without saying

Hanif Shaikh

Rahul Rajvanshi I would like to add DMARC record as well to this process, it's very essential to verify if the email is sent from the same domain as it's saying.

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