Krishna Arora .

5 proven growth strategies that will explode your Instagram followers 🤯

Best one saved for last 😉

1. Ads :
Run traffic ads to your Instagram profile with the best performing post of yours.

You can get Rs 1-2 follower from feed ads and Rs 2-3 from story ads.

How do you know which is the best performing post?

Goto analytics Inside Instagram and then check for shares and engagement.

2. Shoutouts:
Buy promotion posts and stories from other big accounts.

How do you decide which account to buy promotion from?

1. Niche- does it have your target audience?

2. Engagement rate : use social blade to check their engagement rate and compare with other pages to find fake followers

3. Tracking : keep and excelsheet of how many followers amd engagement you get after buying it to understand how good it was.

4. Copy: simply ask the page owner for what caption works the best for caption usually they kniw better than us.

3. Giveway :
This can work wonders if done right.

Choose something that your target audience needs and giveaway for free.

Ask them to :
Follow you and tag 3 friends.

Use giveaway and contest hashtags to make it work.

This doesnt work if people dont like the product being given away so keep that in mind.

4. Engagement:
Goto hashtags of your niche and then comment on 10 posts and the profile of people on those posts.

Do those on 100 profiles everyday you ll grow 2 folds i promise.

I personally struggle to do this as i get bored which is why my growth is kind of slowed down.

Dont be me.

5. Advanced shoutout4shoutout strategy :
Create or get into a shoutout group with 10 people where everyone shouts out each person on sat or sun everyweek.

This can explode your growth like nothing you have ever seen.

But if it was so easy everyone would do it.

Its a pain to get people to post on their feed and stories dont work that well (below 2.5k followers) to warrant so much efforts.

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Rohit Nair

Sadly I’m you. My growth is also slow because I don’t engage i get bored

Krishna Arora

haan bhai it raises my bp when i do routine mundane tasks every day

Faisal Zia Anwer

I am an ad guy. Broadly targetted ads with the perfect ad creative asking people to follow and the feed giving the reason why.

Krishna Arora

hi bro no intro needed for you.
Heard karan's podcast and also been seeing your content on LinkedIn and fb its fab.

Thanks for the advice man any specific creative example you could give me to capture your mindset?
Would love to apply it.😀

Faisal Zia Anwer

thanks. Nothing specific as of now. Just make the creative a pattern interruption, speaking to the audience and giving a clear CTA and offer

Krishna Arora

thanks man noted will apply it😀

Vinaykumar Sajjanar

What about a separate featured page to have UGC from target audience ? Divert the traffic to website with link in bio ?

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