Satyam Baranwal  .

I run an ed-tech startup company Skillovate Learning Pvt Ltd (www.skillovate.com) where we are building a community of young innovators through a STEAM-based curriculum on Coding, Robotics & AI programme for school kids of age 6-16 years.

We are a bootstrapped company for last 2.5 years and have grown 4 times in last 1 year.

Though we were mostly operating offline (with few students learning online) before, during COVID-19 we have seen a spike in registrations on our website as well as demand for our Live Online Classes. Now, we have students from India as well as outside taking our Live Online Classes.

I need an opinion on this that this space has seen quite a lot of new edtech startups entering this space with huge funding and to compete with them we need a good PR and Marketing strategy to create a Brand presence among customers and thus continue generating new leads, convert them and grow business.

What should be my Branding, PR & Marketing strategy?

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Shivakumar Valadi

1. If you are competing in the same space as many others in the STEAM curriculum space, you need to have a strong differentiator or value prop which is real and competitive

2. Identify your market niche if possible and get to it with irresistible offers

3. Your service delivery model should be easy to sign-up and use

4. Combination of free, freemium and premium offerings

Just some ideas... More info from your end can generate more ideas

Satyam Baranwal

We are among first mover into this space where Coding was given a priority rather tha Robotics. Right now we are doing most of these things the only thing we require is to create a Brand that can be recognised by Parents.

Amit Baliga

Golden opportunity for you guys! May be outsource thes aspects to a good agency and concentrate on bettering the Product?

Satyam Baranwal

Yes, we are looking for the same. The only thing that is a problem is identifying a good strategy and then taking it forward. Last year we also did a competition and created a good name for us in Pune.

Varadarajan Sridharan

Call me and may be we can brainstorm.

Off the top of my head, you and a thousand others are doing such programs. So why go with skillovate?

Secondly, most of those courses do not have a continuous path like chess or Karate. This is why you'd need a constant churn of new customers. How is your offering giving a continuous ten year learning path?

Lastly, I always say this to all startups in this area... How to measure impact? You can say this is all 21st century skills, but what's different in your learner's success story than someone who's never heard of you or robotics?

Jason Samuel

I suggest you to talk to him ASAP. He is very good at what he does.

Satyam Baranwal

Yes, sure. I will ping him on Whatsapp. Thanks.

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