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How to sustain your completely physical business when everything is on a lockdown?

Here's our story. #PushKnowledge

Apart from being a filmmaker and photographer, I run a romantic events and date planning company called Surprise Planners (www.surpriseplanners.net)

Both my businesses have been severely affected during these hard times but I am mainly talking about surprise planning here.

We're one of the leading marriage proposal and date planners in India with a global clientele. We also cater to occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and so on.

When the lockdown was announced, everything came to a standstill. All the clients who were flying in from abroad either cancelled or delayed their trips and the domestic clients had no option but to be locked inside their homes.

The execution of a surprise requires a lot of physical elements based on the occasion and the person we are surprising. Our plans usually need everything from travel to decor, luxury hotels, personalised menu, filming & photography along with a lot of backend work by our team on the field.

From sending in a personalised bouquet and gifts at their doorstep to taking someone abroad for a private beach proposal, there is always a REAL interaction between us and our clients.

We never really thought that we will have to create plans that requires only virtual connection between us, our clients and the experience that we create for them.

Initially I thought there is nothing we can do and we will have to cancel most of the ongoing leads. But then, we decided to bring in tech and worked towards adapting to the 'new normal'.

We're now working on amalgamating some of our regular services with new ideas that can be executed remotely.

Few of these services are:

- Live midnight musical gig on Zoom

- Live private sessions for zumba, salsa & more

- Personalized song composition

- Customised high-end photo & video edits

- Random calls to wish from strangers

- No-contact delivery of customised cakes & chocolates

On the premium end,

We are trying to incorporate personalized video message from celebrities.

And interestingly, we are getting a good response.

In fact today we are planning a virtual birthday party for one of our repeat customers involving a lot of our artists working out of their living rooms!

Isn't it amazing that when the situation hits you hard and you realize there is so much potential out there?

Would love to hear from you all about the kind of services you would want us to integrate in our list.

What kind of virtual surprise you would like to offer to your loved ones during the lockdown period?

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Reshma Budhia

Brilliant! You are definitely on the right path. In fact the celebrity wish is a great idea and you may also want to create a library of generic wishes from these celebrities that you can reuse across different clients.

Other options are custom animation movies, gift coupons and personal coupons that can be redeemed when things get fine! Good luck!

Vishal Dahiya

Thank you Reshma!

Great ideas indeed. Would love to incorporate whatever we can :)

Inder Raj Singh Virdi

Inspiring Stuff Vishal!

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