Piyush Soni .

Coding will be a compulsory subject from Class 6th onwards.. but WHY???😕

Why brainwash kids towards learning coding from such an early age?

What happened to promote creative and innovative thinking amongst kids?🧐

PS. Nothing against coding in general. It is just to take community views and discuss this topic further!

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Jeet Parekh

Are bhai coding bahut important hai. Mark cuban thak chuka bol bol ke.

Piyush Soni

Bro for some it is, I am not saying that it is not important, but don't you think making it compulsory is not a good idea!

Prathamesh Baheti

You kidding right? What exactly happened to revamping the curriculum? Introducing students to latest technology? Making them prepared for the new challenges?

Coding is pretty much required in all fields of work in some or the other form. Plus writing the syntax is just a small aspect of it. The focus is on problem solving, rigourous thinking, critical analysis. What makes you think its not innovative?

Piyush Soni

No, I am not saying that it should not be introduced! All I want to say is that why making it as a compulsion! This can be introduced to later classes as well for ex 8th where students do have a choice to take it!

Prathamesh Baheti

For the sake of simplicity, whats your point against making it compulsary? Why is it wrong? Is this something you imagine to be a fundamentally against your freedom of choice?

By that logic why teach science? Let it be optional naa?

Prasad R. Ganpule

Coding is creativity too... earlier artists used to use a paint brush to show their creativity, now we use code to show creativity. And it’s an amazing move, have you seen the movie. ‘Ready Player One’? If that’s the future, I believe India needs to be the torchbearer for that.

Akash Watekar

Prasad R. Ganpule that's the whole point of introducing it

Prasad R. Ganpule

absolutely... and I am already able to visualise how crazy it is going to get in just next 10-15 years. When each kid would be able to used advanced tools to create fabulous creations.

Piyush Soni

Yes coding is creative too. I am not denying that fact! It's just making it compulsory thing for everyone, I am not digesting!

Yash Thakur

Nothing wrong in it, great actually

Mohamed Amar

Else you are going to be the only one who doesn't know what to do when you are faced with a world where every basic question requires you to be able to navigate data, extract data, filter it, transform it, understand it, and design a solution

Piyush Soni

Absolutely agree with you! No doubt in that! But everything doesn't want to be involving coding in it! I mean there are other things as well where it is not at all required!

Mohamed Amar

I agree. There are fields where you probably won't need it. IMO, those fields or sectors are still arcane and slow moving. I'll take construction as an example. I don't need coding but what do I need to succeed in that is years and years ofexperience (easily 10+ before I can be a manager).
I moved from construction to the tech world. I also picked up coding in high school and little in UG. What both my construction project management and high school bit of coding does is give me an idea on managing people who does do coding and allows me to guesstimate the required time to finish at a task. If I wanted to roll out a new product, I know it'll take x hours to write up my business model, y hours to do to the financial modelling, z hours to get a group of coders to write the backend code, p hours to test it, q hours to put it into production. And that is a valuable skill to have. Not only does it allow me to manage a project, it also allows me to empathize with coders's work headaches and be a better colleague

Hitarth Sheth

Coding isn't a subject btw. Also, most schools have computer as a subject, just that the languages would be taught from early classes compared to current. I think they won't be teaching React itself in 6th, just basic chapters which can help improve logical & analytical skills. Also, I think even if it's compulsory, that's fine for 6-7-8, later they can opt out.

Krishnan Govindraj

We were already learning some form of coding from class 6 (or maybe earlier) in our school. It started with logo and went on to things like basic. Very simple stuff just to get you used to the idea of programming something. It's not like you're going to do DSA and web programming.

It's like learning quadratic equations. How often do you use that in daily life?

Bhavesh Agarwal

It's good for student to start coding from 6th standard. Nothing wrong with that but it should not be made compulsory. It should be optional with some other subject/skills to choose.

Piyush Soni

Yeah, bro that's what I wanted to convey through this post!

Faisal Zia Anwer

Bhavesh Agarwal however in 6th concept of optional makes no sense. The kid has no world view to take the decision and the parents will take precedence there.

Anjali Jain

But not everyone is naturally interested in coding !!! I also thought the same ... enrolled for a course in coding....but soom I realised it is too boring for me ! I stopped taking further classes. Therefore Nothing shuld be made compulsory however Important it is !!!!

Piyush Soni

Exactly! Including it in our course structure is a good thing but making it compulsory thing is not a right approach in my opinion!

Aditya Veer Jain

Anjali Jain that can be done for those students only who have attained maturity in understanding their likes and dislikes. Jab tak exposure hi nahi tha, tab tak try karke reject karne ka option hi nahi tha. Just imagine how many students in governementschools who right now do not get exposure to computer science until very late, will now have an informed opinion when deciding subjects for higher studies.. jo pehle possible hi nahi tha..

I think the finer changes will develop much more during implementation stage, and that's what will need to be watched very closely.. Right now, it is more of a structural change, a transformational one that overhauls the current system. Btw, I am not a fan of coding too..but in my line of work, knowing a few tools goes a long way.

Ratnesh Karbhari

Kia to hai chalu but instead of making kids mug up syntax focus should be more on instilling personality traits that you need for coding like

Perseverance, quick learning, optimisim, goal oriented thinking, working with a team should be given preference.

Kids should be working on real projects.

Naeto shuru hoga wahi: write a short note on loops fir rattebaaj likh denge do do page

Sashwat Malik

Don't consider it as a subject dude , it's a language to communicate with the digital world , as important as knowing basics of different languages like Hindi English etc

Piyush Soni

Interesting perspective! May be it should be taught in that way only! Not to make kids competitive!

Yuvraj Shivhare

Coding only teaches one 'how Machines think', and how to make machines do what one wants them to do.

Shivakumar Valadi

I had the exact same question in a post earlier on the NEP 2020 and got a barrage back.

Why call it "Coding" if the idea is to teach design constructs, analytical thinking, problem solving etc...

Also, too much of structured thinking can restrict right brain development

Bharat Acharya

We had an Art class back in school but still I draw worse than most 5 year old kids today. Skills & creativity will always but brought into picture on its own. Also, not everyone can be creative and intelligent. WE NEED DUMB PEOPLE FOR THE WORLD TO WORK THE BEST.

Vineet Nandan Gupta

Bro, I learnt COBOL in 5th standard... in 8th standard there was a different language. The only difference being most program were written on paper and if you had an option would copy and execute it on system in school.

Shashwat Kaul

This is stupid. Coding, programming shouldn't be the focus, problem solving and analytical thinking as should be developed, thinking from many prospective and understanding what best work for them.

Gururaj Rajur

Why the kids have to be given impression that coding is the only way to have a career.
I can see in big IT companies graduates from IS and CS background font want to do coding but management abd expecting graduates from other stream to sit and code. Strange but it is the truth..

Sachin Jain


Coding is just a syntax of programming language, we should build logical and analytical skills in kids.

Faisal Zia Anwer

I remember it wse Jobs who said 'Everyone should know coding'. We are expected to know stuff that has no use in life ( mitochondria is powerhouse of cell jaan ke kya kru mai, tax bharna abhi bhi ni ata lol)

Coding has a much more realistic usage, opens up mind holes, is logical in nature. But knowing the way things usually end up here, coding will also become a 'rattan vidhya'.

Ajay Chandar

This is an excellent move to prepare kids for the 21st Century. I think we'll soon be past the days when coding was only for those in IT. I believe everybody should know the rudiments of code - it is a superpower to have. I say this as someone who studied business at University and has since been teaching himself to code in Python. And I have spent many years in a so-called 'creative' field, for crying out loud!

Coding teaches one to think logically and understand how system s work. These are invaluable skills to have at any workplace. It also schools on in patience and perseverance, and, to those so inclined, sharpens their mathematical skills. I also believe it makes one creative.

A professional who cannot code is a person of constrained options. Coding is a cool bionic prosthetic you can attach to yourself and be a rockstar at practically any field.

Mark my words: it will one day be as essential a component of a primary education as is Math and English.

Soham Sarkar

your intention might have been to promote a discussion, but when you use words like "brainwash" which objectively has a negative connotation don't be surprised to receive negative responses.

To address your point, however, I think basic coding or understanding algorithms and logic that drives code is as fundamental as arithmetic and even more important an algebra.

Code is building the future and if the upcoming generation has no working knowledge on it their lives will be extremely difficult, from adopting new technology to seizing opportunities.

It's not a question about creativity or the lack thereof, it's about being ready to engage with a world which is increasingly being built by code.

Also along with programming, fundamental economics should also be mandatory and introduced possibly from the 6th grade IMO. Statistics too.

Shlok Joshi

That’s because it teaches you to think a certain way. Solve problems you see with your team. Collaborating on certain projects. You learn to think in a way that you don’t usually see using traditional methods of teaching. It brings up a lot of creative and looking into the far future. That’s what the jobs of tomorrow will require, given the rise in automation.

It’s funny to read your post. Coding is paramount in invoking creative and innovative thinking amongst kids at an early age.

One problem can have an infinite number of solutions. Creating code that reads well, solves the problem fast, uses as few resources is paramount for inculcating rationality in a student as well.

Nikhil Sachdeva

There is already too much unwanted material in entire schooling curriculum.

At least its better then that

Shivam Malhotra

Bilkul! Given an option to go back to school,I would still choose Commerce or maybe Humanities instead of Science and learning how to code (even though tech has been a pain the a$$ during startup life).

The issue is that most engineers feel that coding is an important life skill,no its not.You love to code or maybe you wanted to code back in school,thats why you're coding today not because it was imposed on you.The moment it gets imposed on kids,the quality of coders would go down for sure.

Sunne mai acha nahi lagega par coding bhi BTech & MBA ki tarah barbaad hojaaegi agle 10 saal mai especially when the whole world is moving to no-code products making tech accessible to everyone,we here in India are moving backwards.

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