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There's a scene in the movie "The World is Not Enough" where James Bond is put on the "Torture Chair" by the villain Elektra which will crush Bond's windpipe before it would break his neck.

And some "How" James Bond escapes the Torture Chair and kills Elektra.

I found out the code to success that James Bond used which helps him to get out of the most complex situations with effortless ease every single time.

And, this code is what makes people achieve success or resigned to failure.

Without further delay here is the Code - It's just 3 letters - "How"

See, the reason most people don't achieve success is that they're focusing on "Why?" Questions

Questions like:-

Why don't people buy from me?

Why am I not making as much money as I desire?

But, the code to Success as I learned from James Bond is this - Moving from "Why" to "How" faster than anyone else in the planet.

Ask Questions like:-

How to make people buy from me?

How to acquire the skills that will deserve my money desire?

No matter what the situation is, Bond is never stuck at the "Why". He uses gadgets, cars and some"How" he gets out of his "Why" situation instantly.

That's why we love the Bond Character.

That's how we achieve success as well.

So, will you move from "Why" to "How" fast like Bond does in your life?

Type "How" in the comments if you understand the 007 code to success.

Nitish "The 007 Code" Kumar

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