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Quick Do Yourself Design Hacks to Save Your TIME!


  1. Visit canva.com/#design-stream to see abstract designs, functional design, colour combinations and derive inspiration from many pre-existing designs which are available at your finger tip. (Yes, design is visual intelligence. A pro tip while creation, from HSEAS(Harvard School) will be, - to spend your time with the title as people spend most of their time with the title. Make it descriptively concise and remember the goal is to increase memorability and recall.)
  2. If you are also bored with regular social media graphics and still advertisements, you can up your design game with amazing DIY graphics available in the video section which is available under your create a design tab. (You will be amazed to see the level of engagement they have. According to Harvard's School of Engineering and Applied Sciences paper, heavy-text wording defeats the purpose as graphics have a job to increase recall and retain the message.)
  3. If you would like to leverage animated graphics (available in the animated section, video and YouTube section), it would not only help you hack their eyeballs and attention but also work on helping the encode the message and recognition of the same through the principles of Cognitive principles (encoding, recognition and recall). I mean who would not like to increase brand memorability and likeness with graphics-in-motion.
  4. As you know, the cost-of-customer attention in social media has shot up with time, due to various clusters of reason, one of them being social media is overcrowded with ads, posters and more. To make users do what you want them to do you need to reach out to them again and again. This is where tools like Branding Kit, Business Card Design, Cover Design and other tools help you to be in the customer's attention point. Without a constant branding and information labeling, the psychology of design fails as the message needs to be redundant to ensure you become your customer's long term memory.
  5. A small business has limitation of resources and fund scarcity, but that doesn't deter you to leverage Canva, you can simply put brand:BAAMOuJH0Ec to find FREE CANVA ELEMENTS in the search box. If you have a branding plan, free elements and free images are a plenty to help small businesses sail through.
  6. Too bored to use your mouse? Just press T to add text to your graphic design on Canva. CTRL + Z to undo. CTRL + Y to redo. CTRL + B to bold the text. CTLR + U to underline. CTRL + (+) to zoom in. CTRL + (-) to zoom out.
  7. If you are irritated with your design going awry when you move layers, use shift and then drag your layer. Your proportion will never deflect, it will stay straight. You can move your design without any change in proportion.

Feel free to let me know how the magic worked for you. What do you prefer a functional design or an attractive design for your business?

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