Vanshi Mehta .

I enable brands to narrate their truest story to the world.

I enable brands to share their strengths and vision to the world, in order to build trust and loyalty.

I enable brands to talk about their strengths and visions fearlessly. This is done starting with the founder story, to the CEO story, till the employee stories - all aimed at building trust and loyalty.

I didn’t just write three versions of the same thing.

This was a display of how your story can be 1 line, 2 or 4.

A storyline needs to be so strong that you can use the appropriate version, at the appropriate time, to the appropriate audience.

Use version 1 when someone asks “what do you do”, use version 3 when someone is reading your about me page.

See the difference? Yet the similarity?

Your story needs to be OWNED, before you can narrate, tweak, fix, share.

That’s where I come in and help you.

Start building your story today.

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Vinamra Agrawal

Hey-- is this somewhat similar framework I spoke / we discussed about, during my webinar on "How to Brand your business digitally!" -- isnt it?:)


Vanshi Mehta

similar similar

Apples and bananas😁

Harshad Moray 

Perfect! 😎

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