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wrote this on Vanshi Mehta 's post In regards to a freelancer's personal website/resume/portfolio but I decided it needs it's own post because it might get buried there.

My approaches are pretty unconventional, but works pretty well for me, I can only hope it works for you too!

I'm a branding/ designer guy and a Content/ copywriter, who needs to present work better to clients, who's never delved into code or making/hosting webpages. and that's the kind of target audience this hack is aimed at.

I generally use Adobe XD to design screens and prototypes for UI, UX, occasional simple graphic Design, as well as Surpisingly amazing Motion Design.

Trying to figure out a better way to present things to my clients, I turned the first intro page into a cool looking menu of WIP projects, with buttons that lead clients to check out their particular work like Logo Designs, Websites, UI, and Branding related stuff, with advanced animation, with very little effort, and shared this as a prototype link from Adobe xD.

The beauty with this,

  • the presentation was so much cleaner, and I could add some pretty complex animations and microtransactions and tell them a story of the process so much better than any other possible presentation tool, imo.

  • instead of going through the tedious process of emailing the client a hefty PDF every time there's an iteration, I can just update it in the xD file, and the client can just follow the same link to check the progress.

The client responses were surprisingly more than pleasant, most of them saying this was the best presentation they have seen their entire lives. Not my words, theirs.

So, Taking this further, I designed my interactive resume+portfolio in xD, and turned the WIP page from the beginning into another link within the portfolio, somewhere easily accessible for the present clients.

This again helped me,

  • to show off my other previous work to the clients who haven't seen them and know more about the services I offer,
  • if the clients shared their work in progress with others, they were basically Sharing all of my portfolio along with it.

I one-upped the hack and screen recorded the whole experience, and it turned into a super-smooth motion resume+portfolio, which I guess people would generally need to spend at least 20-30 hours in After effects or Photoshop to get.

And then, I turned a part of this Motion resume into a GIF that I use as a signature for my e-mails.

Unlimited quick and elaborate changes, no coding involved, with a dashboard that's super clean and has one of the Best UX ever.

This method has it's limitations, too. since it's just a prototype link, it's slower to load. And with more work, the file keeps getting bigger and slower to load, so I always keep it optimized to load fast, and show only the best of my work ( some might say it's a pro)

Now, I'm finding and discovering Adobe xD plugins to turn these prototypes into code and host them on either GitHub or Firebase. When the need arises for me to host them properly, I can just move the files wherever I'm guessing it's pretty easy to change hosting options once the web pages are turned to code. I'm currently checking out this thing called supernova to convert it from xD to webpages, Along with animations.

Adobe xD is super duper easy to learn, very smooth UX, and will give you complete control on the look and fee.

Another pro tip: shorten the prototype link with a link shortener to make it look more professional.

This is my approach because my emphasis has been about a clean and easy way to present things, not worrying much about the backend part.

Also, cuz I'm Lzy Lad , and my life's aim is to find and invent easy but effective ways to solve any and everything. I'm a creative Consultant and a problem solver. Pretty out of the cube.

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