Rahul Chavan .

You can do your business website in just 2-3 hours bro...!!

Using CMS like WordPress or a few others.

We hear this sentence here and there when talking about getting Business Website up.

But do you really think this 2,3 hours or 1-day ready site will help us to generate leads?

When I started 2.5 Years back in Website Design Freelancing and when got introduced to WordPress, I thought I can make any website in one day, Every day I will get one customer in just 3000Rs and with this calculation, I thought I will make 50-60K every month.

Today when I look back I laugh at this plan.

And experientially realized 3000INR Website made in one day will not help my client to generate lead or earn any money.

I went deep down into Conversion Rate Optimization, Understood how visitor come on-site and how we can get his email to nurture,

How nicely content and images should put so that visitors can ask for Quote.

Understood the basics of choosing Right Fonts for relevant businesses.

And today even I charge 15-20K (Which is 5x more than I expected in beginning) per Website I need not search leads for me.

And to complete the site by considering all aspects of Well Optimized Website I need to spend 1 or 2 weeks on the same project.

Then only it drives the result for my clients.

This gives satisfaction and money also.

Now my job is just to Explore the ways,

How website visitors will hit call to action on the website.

And trying to implement for Businesses I work with.

Win-Win Situation for me and my client.

Not asking any question in the end, you can put your view on any line above.

So what I was trying to convey here?


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Matt Rowbotham

3 hours is a bit short but I can def setup a website on Squarespace in a couple of days

Vishnu Goyal

I make my online stores in 30 minutes with predefined theme with all the optimisation and plugins on 29 dollar shopify plan and it works like charm

Time doesn't matter , efficiency and system matters according to me

Mansi Rastogi

Here's the magic formula. If you can put together Time + Result for your clients, you can charge a lot more than 20K.

You already have results nailed to some extent. If you can reduce the time it takes (through systemizing your process) you can charge a lot more.

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