Faisal Zia Anwar .

One of my E-commerce clients is a millionaire based in the US. So any learnings from him is literally GOLD.

For the current product line he is working on, he has only one regret.

'I wish we had started off with ads sooner.'

We had a call on 15th July, 9:30 pm. He told me all about his life, and his work.

' Faisal, this brand started started a year after hours, but still they are dominating the market. Only because of one reason. They advertised heavily.'

And it is true. Currently they are running over 114 ads. Easily spending over 10k USD on ads itself.

My client has a better product and a better community around it. It is literally a brand people love. But still sales say otherwise.

My point from this post: Speed is the dominating factor in the market. Every idea is replicable, and success depends on the speed of execution.

Online advertising is the number one factor to give you speed.

Organic will give you slow consistent growth. Your customers will love you. You win their hearts.

Paid marketing will get you sales. More people will purchase from you. You win the market.

Mix both seamlessly together.
Do you want to win the market? What are you doing to achieve that right now ?

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Saurav Sinha 

Agree sir

Arbab Usmani 

Completely agree!

Geet Kiran Aneja 

Money loves speed. Great point

Raghavendra Bsrpg 

Good insights Faisal bhai.. thanks for sharing :)

Piyush Soni 

Tarun Kumar What are your thoughts here?

Tarun Kumar

Spending heavily on advertising may not guarantee the success. The idea is to have proper strategy in place. I do agree lot of brands feel they have missed the bus just because they could'nt advetise much. Lot of brands failed despite aggressive advertising. Products from Google and Apple have failed couple of times. Right product to relevant customer works. The scale should be enough to make it self sustainable.This is where most of the business struggle. I have met scores of millionaires who wants to take calculated risk only and take their own sweet time in investing.

Pritam Sinha

One of my mentors told me once: if you have ROI>1, it's not ad spend it's investment. It's a different thing we had close shop before even getting to that place😬.. .but surely looking forward to implement it in our current startup.

Faheem Ahmed

I ve met too many entrepreneurs "entertaining themselves" chasing wrong things in digital marketing. Plus too little money chasing the right things

Abhishek Avikk Gupta

It is right that 'success depends of the speed of execution' but it should also hit the right audience at the right time.
(I hate shooting in the dark)
Many companies are aggressively spending hell lot of money in ad ertising just to be seen everywhere regardless of their product and services.
I don't see any better scope of winning the market this way.

Aditi Chadha 

What product ?

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