Vaibhav Vats .

We are seeing The Anti China wave across the country.
People are talking about quitting Chinese goods.
Do you think it is the time for companies like Lava, Micromax etc to come up with a new plan and announcements of products and services to use the opportunity, especially when the playing field is getting even in terms of demand?

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Sidharth Kumar

They still make phones😂? They sold rebranded chinese products. Now that chinese manufacturers have themselves come to India these Indian brand were thrown out of business. They really cannot make phones unless they have their own r&d and manufacturing units which I think is nearly impossible for these brands.

Vaibhav Vats

even if they aren't, they should start now (in my personal views)

Sidharth Kumar

Micromax founder is making e bikes now "Revolt motors". He did a good job though.

Paras Shah

The real problem here is scale and branding. Chinese firms have launched the products at such competitive prices that Indian firms can't match them. Also the marketing budgets and distribution muscle of those brands are so high that unless somebody hasa huge pile of cash to launch a commodity product like a phone it will be useless. Also fun fact the parent company of Oppo, Vivo, Realme & OnePlus is the same so imagine how deep pockets Indian brands need even stand a chance

Vaibhav Vats

But there are tons of people who are now looking to change the brand and refraining themselves to use Chinese brands (like me, moving away from OnePlus).
And I really feel, "IF"this sentiment remains strong among people, and "IF" they are willing to compromise a bit (in prices and configuration etc), then indian brands may stand a chance provided they are also willing to fill the gap. Else it will be a win for nokia, apple and samsung.

Paras Shah

Bro its all about competition and very few people think about the origin of the parent company. We are value conscious consumers who want the best product at the cheapest possible price. Also some Chinese brands like Xiaomi assemble in India so they are also playing the Made In India Card. Also as I said its a commodity where everybody can differentiate mostly on hardware. 87% of the market is android and of the top 5 brands selling android in the country 4 are chinese. So only a company with enough money for both R&D and marketing power can come close.

Vaibhav Vats

buddy, you are totally correct on theory and may be on practical aspects too.
But these are unusual times and trust me, as this comes from experience.
Sometimes when mass thinks through emotions, all the theories gets tossed out of the window. Besides, nationalism is getting on peak for some time now.
And for companies like Xiaomi, who may play made in india card... If the Indian brands play it right (being an Indian brand)... They may stand a chance.

Vaibhav Vats 

And I agree, that deep pockets will play a big role

Shivam Malhotra

Pure din ye hi sochte rehte ho kya? Matlab business ki tension hai kuch logo ko aur baakio ki mental health is getting affected by staying locked inside but you're wondering how anti china sentiment will help lava or micromax? Btw which phone did you use to post this?

Nishit Kumar Madia.

I have had the privilege to observe mobile brands both Chinese and other brands across price segments and their way of working and having seen that so closely I am rather sure that there’s more noise in than its actual worth . I served Apple and waspart of the channel sales team . Would love to share the post covid insights below :-

1) 65% of the mobile retailers revenues are dependent on Chinese brands like oppo , vivo one plus and xiaomi - even if they want to be anti Chinese they are not in a position to make that massive jump from Chinese brands to others (rental costs and other costs being considered its practically impossible to survive without chinese brands )

2) Brands like oppo have raised money from the Indian markets and have intentionally (as per my belief) incurred massive losses doing business in india - reason can be -a) to save themselves from paying taxes b) to capture deep foothold in a strategically important segment like mobile phones in india - they might have plans to monetize data later . So for any new brand to establish in front of such brands would have to have such deep pockets to buy out market share from them which is unlikely .

3) Such similar trends can be observed in other product verticals as well - consider Huawei for towers across india or commodities like honey , rice etc . Governments around the world are making politically motivated statements about boycotting China , but are ignoring the trade dependence they are already having on China which are hard to reverse overnight .

Vikas Sharma

The problem we have is that we have un organised method of doing everything. We start good but slowly move towards doing it via Jugaad. We have it all labour, machines, transport and market still cant make products that are good in quality. Its a long way for India before can believe in Made in India products... But varta only doable.

Arokya Inian

Its just TALK, where is the alternative? Maybe imported from other countries but produced in China or by chinese owned foreign firms?

Ankit Kumar Bhagat 

The real problem is R&D.

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