Sathish CP .

What do you make of this?

The change is coming sooner than later!

And theatres need to innovate, rework their pricing & reinvent their business models!

A couple of days back I posted about The Walt Disney Company leveraging its OTT platform for its new release!

Now, INOX made a press release condemning a production house for releasing a Super star's movie directly in an #OTT platform!

Similar incidents happening with a few Tamil movies as well,

who for various reasons trying to release the movies on these platforms,

since there are no other options!

For small budget movies, waiting doesn't mean they will get screen times in an already crowded market!

Kamla Hassan once tried releasing his movie in DTH services simultaneously,

to tackle the online piracy issues!

On one side, these entertainment giants need to slow down the adoption by the content creators,

And on the other end, they need to drag the people out to theatres in the post-COVID market.

All by complying to the new norms & guidelines from the govt.

If those guidelines hit one of the core reasons why people visit theatres then they are doomed for a long time!

Tough times ahead for the theatre industry!

Its just getting started!

#Inox #theatres #cinema

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Sarthak Aggarwall

Movers win, not complainers! Let them do pole binding/nritye nach, innovators just skip the queue and make a new one. I find this statement drama-laden, entertaining, and very funny.

Sathish CP

Haha, so transparent

Ashish Chopra

Ayushmaan's gulaabo sitaabo and Vidya balan's Shakuntala Devi are both coming bon Amazon prime directly without a theatre release! Going digital if the new way. Specially in these times. Movie makers cannot keep waiting for this epidemic to end. It might take months. And in these times when people need more content, I think it is the right choice

Sathish CP

Yes indeed, with big superstars waiting for the theatres to reopen small budget movies have no other choice. Waiting doesn't make any sense for them!

Vishal Dahiya

I am from the film industry and have worked on films released both in theatres and on Netflix. I would like to put ahead my thoughts.

There are two type of viewers:

The first lot is limited. They want to watch Interstellar only in an IMAX, just like Nolan intended.
The second lot would probably skip that film and watch Bajrangi Bhaijaan on their mobile they probably got off torrent.

People actually paying for content in India was very limited. It is slowly taking pace and we are seeing OTT platforms coming up.

I remember having similar debate 8 years ago when I joined Whistling Woods, Shubhash Ghai's film school in Film City.
We were transiting from Film Cameras to Digital ones.
Older generation of cameramen were against it. So were cinema lovers.
But we knew we had to evolve, no matter what.
And now, film labs are shut. People shoot on digital cameras.

Theatre is a big debate. Hard truth is, most of the people went to cinemas for the experience, not the film itself. Buying popcorns, going on a date, a FB check-in, it all mattered.

Things would start being back to normal once society resumes, but we would become more habitual to consuming paid content online.

Sumit Mukherjee

There's a third lot that doesn't watch Bajrangi Bhaijaan and doesn't like to step out of their house. That audience is mostly addicted to Netflix/AmazonPrime content. Which is in no way as bad as Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Then there is MUBI as well, specially for Cinema Lovers. Inox will regret soon, things are going to change. We should not be a Nokia or a Kodak. Everything changes with time.

Vishal Dahiya

just tried to differentiate between people on the extreme end of the spectrum who watch content released on big Indian screens.
Yes, I have used MUBI for the really appreciative content that doesn't hit the big screen.
So the case with Netflix and other OTT platforms for mini series and long seasons.
And once you are hooked, you are okay with watching the film on your laptop, instead of a theatrical release.

The example of Nokia and Kodak is so apt.

Somehow I have a feeling that the multiplex brands would eventually get into OTT an

Mark Rocha

The only reason why OTT is slowly picking up pace, is because of the much cheaper alternatives to Netflix. Quality of content is much higher in terms or production value and concept, but like you rightly said, there are many for whom watching a film is'timepass' - and they don't care how they get it. In fact, I know many who mock me for streaming and instead, champion their virus-ridden apps and websites because they'd rather smoke a pack of cigarettes for 300, rather then take a monthly subscription for 150 (no disrespect to smokers, I am one myself). I just don't get it ...

Sathish CP

People prefer theatres for the experience!

If the new guidelines and norms are gonna hit the core offerings i.e. the experiences which attracts the consumers - then it's a big challenge for the theatres

Mark Rocha

They'll probably start theatres with alternate seat distribution to maintain social distance, and then charge more to make up for the empty seats. We won't be able to blame them also cos they'll just blame govt guidelines.

Sathish CP

Haha true, irrespective whom to blame for, we are the ones who need to pay the price! I think they will lower the price to attract the crowd but find alt ways to make more money.

Satadru Chowdhury

Once the pandemic is over, audience will go out of home. OTT industry is just the another form of homebased entertainment, like earlier we have seen when DVDs, VCR even TV been launched. Calling friends (Gf/Bf) home and chilling at home is still a mythfor a majority of the youths and these youths are the key customer base for theaters. Also theaters gave an affordable entertainment of 2hrs at an avg price of 100. OTT can be an alternate medium but still can't see it replacing the big screen.

Krishna Shukla 

I absolutely agree with your point.

પ્રશાંત પટેલ

For the experience part u r right, but if you look at the quality of content, OTT has far more better content than theatres...... Trust me... And it's flowing increasingly

I would personally prefer watching any sitcom like big bang on my laptop instead of going to theatre to watch a salman khan film, see it's also about the content itself other than just the experience...

Satadru Chowdhury

I agree that OTT is having better content but my point is even with a better content also it can't replace the theater industry.

પ્રશાંત પટેલ

So to hai..... Pr business pehle jitna nahi milega unko, they will be on their knees to cut the prices in next decade

Jaise telecom me pehle 250 ka 1 GB data tha, wo bhi pure mahine k liye... Lekin ab 1 GB per day hai, waisa hi kuch in theatres/multiplexes k saath bhi hoga i guess

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