Akshay Borate .

I called 5 agencies and talked as a potential customer.

And guess what?

4 out of 5 agencies were just talking about Facebook and Instagram posts, boosting, blog commenting, and many outdated techniques.

As a founder of Akaybee, I personally believe a ‘digital’ is just a tool. What one should implement is core marketing.

And more than that ‘humanized’ marketing.

There is too much noise in the marketing.

TV, Newspapers, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, you will see ads everywhere.

There was a time when people used to buy products by seeing ads.

Those who were first movers fetched a lot of money.

But today in 2020, people are smart. They are fed up of watching ads.

So it’s not like you will spend a massive budget on ads, reach a ton of people and get conversions.

Gone are those days!

Now to sell your product or service, either it should be remarkable, or you should come up with innovative marketing techniques.

And when I say ‘innovative’, it includes the study of human psychology.


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Piyush Soni

Public is smart now. I believe marketing era changes with time. First Newspapers, then tv , now internet. This digital thing would also change.
Moreover I believe your product should also be innovatine as well as your marketing.
Something like JIO.

Akshay Borate 

Absolutely true!

Kapil Agarwal 

Agree...all those marketing they offer can be performed internally free of service cost.. google themselves do it for free. They run this startup growth accelerator program where they themselves setup account for ur business and u only pay for conversions.

Amit Mishra

 You have called the wrong agencies bro.

Akshay Borate

4 out of 5 yes!


It is easier to run deceptive marketing campaigns on web. Using modern tools won't make any marketing campaigns as innovative.

Sometimes we buy medicine from store, sometimes we consult doctors. Sometimes people consult fake gurus too. If someone want to grow a business for a long, he have to understand what he look for.

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