Vanshi Mehta .

How do you make a reader care about what you are writing on your website?

Talk to their pain points

Listen to them

Offer them a solution

Prove why your solution is the best

Make them your friend

And in turn, you become their solution provider

People visit your website because they either want a solution, or a better solution.

They aren't there to be told they have a problem.

This requires a ton of research, but if you do it properly, you will know their exact pain points and how to prove you're the best

No one is saying to offer a crazy deal or discount, that's all tertiary stuff. What will convert this person is 'how well are you solving my pain point'

Keep thinking of that when you write, and you'll see the difference in content and the way you present yourself.

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Trisha Agrawal

Hi Vanshi. It'll be worthwhile to have your thoughts on this one.

Thanks much.

Vanshi Mehta

My understanding of the website is that you do healthy food that is grown and manufactured in India.

What I would like to know is:
- If I had diabetes what should I eat?
- What product is your top seller?
- What benefit do you offer me?
- Why is your product special?
- Who grew my food?

I don't see a solution, I see a product.

Trisha Agrawal

Do you suggest to put an FAQ section?

Vanshi Mehta

absolutely yes

Trisha Agrawal

At it! Perhaps I'll tweak the About us section to answer questions on,
- why is your product special?
- who grew my food? - we have some actual photographs of our farms and cultivators. Perhaps that would give in more authenticity.

Vanshi Mehta

that makes sense. Do a page on the process or the story behind the food

Vanshi Mehta

I checked out the first site

my understanding is that you handle e-commerce stores in an outsourced model

I don't see why I can't do it myself? I don't see why I should hire you?

I see features, not benefits

Do you do ULTRA HD 4K photography?
Do you write SEO-friendly product descriptions on Amazon that bump up sales?
Do you handle customer emails and calls in a committed time of 2 hours or under?
Do you vet people with a 5 step process before hiring for this company?

See the difference?
You're focused on features
Everyone can do that.
Focus on benefits and solution-solving

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