Pankaj Vijayvargiya .

Let's imagine for a moment that Corona is completely vanished in 6 months. What would be its impact on the travel/tourism industry in 2021 - more specifically, the number of travellers?

There are 2 line of thoughts I'm hearing on it:

1. Tourists Will Decrease:

Even though Corona might go away, the "Fear" of catching such diseases has become permanent for some people. Not to mention the financial hole 2020 pandemic has created.

2. Tourists Will Increase:

Everyone who had plans to travel in 2020 but couldn't, all of them would pursue in 2021 so 2021 will see the surge because of the combined travelers of 2021+2020. An additional learning of pandemic "live life to its fullest, anything can happen anytime" would further fuel the growth.

Which one do you think is most likely to happen?

Also explain the reason.

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Rushikesh Thawale 

Tourists will decrease.

Pankaj Vijayvargiya

What about the 2nd line of thought then?

Rushikesh Thawale 

Fear will be there. National Tourism might increase, but people might fear to go outside their country.

Although people are careless, still, they'd fear.

Mohit Nanda

Domestic tourism will increase. International still won’t considering countries would have some restrictions to show proof of vaccination, etc. moreover the fear of catching it outside your own country and being stuck there would be something people would be worried about.

Ashutosh Vyas

We aa humans don't listen. We just can't stay down.

So tourism would definitely increase

People will take care of persona phaltu and hygiene way more than before.

All parties including airlines, hotels, stays etc would be equipped with measures to reduce the risk but then people would go for that much risk in my opinion...

Rony Samuel 

1) many countries are offering heavy discounts and packages more than ever before.. which will ease the budget issue
2) millennials will get out first... definitely the 25-35 age group would be the ones to go out and make the most of it..
3) hopefully medical breakthrough would happen and that would act as buffer in terms of mitigating fear
4) the normal International travel would see a spike..all
the pending visa's and students would go back and forth..
5) if we everything falls into place without any more really bad news within a small period of recovery travel industry should get back to normal

Supriya Tyagi

Tourism will decrease due to fear. No one would readily accept that Corona is gone (it is assumed that it is totally gone in reality).

Pankaj Vijayvargiya 

What about the 2nd point then?

Supriya Tyagi

The effect of first point will be far more prominent than the 2nd one I believe. If tourism increases (assuming that Covid-19 completely disappears post 6 months), it would only be in 2022 once people become sure that it is actually gone. They can control for 1 more year I believe.

Alao the new year will bring to many opportunities to join jobs, propel careers, search for jobs, so I think they'd give a year to financially strengthen themselves.


People drifts more on sentiments, the sentiment around my vicinity is to go for travel after this pandemic thing.
In my opinion, tourism will increase. People know this will not go away with a snap. They have already accepted the fact that we are going to live with this thing and therefore no other thing is going to stop them for doing things they wanted.
Neutral on international tourism, but domestic tourism will increase.

Avinash Kewlani

It will increase but may not flourish the way it was pre Covid-19 era, unless there’s a vaccine or some medical advancements which can control the spread, which may last until 2022 as well, 2021 looks tougher to pickup as people will focus on their financial stability...

Minakshi Dahiya

1) Domestic tourism will be affected- meaning the % growth we were seeking is going to get delayed and downward.Economy disaster is yet to start showing effect in domestic context. The slow down will remain for an year or bit more after the vaccination.
2. International tourism is the major stake in Indian tourism ..where will see a major downfall well International tourism worldwide will be at slow down for next 2-3 years as traveling is going to get expensive.

Overall, We can only hope to see a growth in tourism sector with growth in domestic market after few years of vaccination.

Trisha Agrawal

It'll be 1. Most people have their jobs, salaries affected. So apart from fear, it will be the disposable income, playing a part in decision making.

I don't think the larger part of Indian population will be thinking of the second option.
Savings will acquire greater importance and people will be forced to rethink their spending habits.

Shivam Malhotra

Those who believe in 'live life to the fullest,anything can happen anytime' during a pandemic are nothing but ignorant fools.I have lived by that statement and would keep on living but in a world which doesn't have a virus killing thousands across theglobe.

save.spend wisely.stay safe. - this is the motto most educated and practical people are following rn and I'm sure travelling will be affected till this situation doesnt calm down.

and this is a 24 year old speaking,a person with good enough savings who has no responsibilities on him.I'm sure people older than me and especially those who have a family will tell you the same thing.

Arunaday Basu

A lotta people have answered your qn already so let me take this space to throw in a different kind of an argument which someone had said in jest - tourism is basically bullshit.

I cannot explain to you how many important monuments and scenic locations have been destroyed by people who only go there to do picnics and parties.

There were hundreds of videos from all over the world during the lockdown where Nature had basically stepped out because we decided to step back in. Wasn't that beautiful? Or beauty to you is literally standing infront of the animal and shaking hands with it?

NONE of the tourist destinations have been sustainably developed so that they could survive the lockdown. Most of the them didn't have food and money because we tourists don't do anything for them apart from using their resources and destroying the natural beauty of the place. It's like we rent out Nature because we have the money to (reminds of some country doing the same with wild animals in Macau).

People have even destroyed religious destinations and monuments of historical importance. India Gate pe jakar likhte hain "Viki loves Mini."

You're talking about this domestic tourism only right? I don't need it.

I'll give you another example - Kashmir. Something very close to our hearts.

Has tourism helped those people in any way to survive?

If the answer is yes, please explain why are there Kashmiri's selling blankets door to door and also on the roads in many major Indian cities? Why are there Rajasthani women standing at Bandra and selling cheap jewelry?

Have you asked them? I have.

And that's why I want tourism to end. Not to get revived anyway

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