Anil Anvesh .

Time to ditch Rapido, guess it's good for shorter distances like within 3km. Uber is always charging reasonably.

What's your favorite ride hailing service?

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Bhavik Jain

I found rapido cheaper than uber in Bangalore (During the start of the year)

Jingo Shakir

Mine has been Uber

Sravan Kumar

Yes rapido shows more cost than Uber for long distances happen to me lot of times. In hyderabad.

Akhil Kumar

Renting bike is more economical than rapid

Piyush Soni

Uber moto has been super cheap always!

Puneeth Reddy

One thing to consider is they don't have deep pockets such as Ola/Uber. Despite being offered acquisition from Ola, they turned it down & are running it on their own. Through what I heard from the bike riders, they like Rapido because of its flexibility of working hours, timely payment, and also the way they were treated.

There were a couple of instances where I met a school security guard and a person who works at an office as Rapido riders after their work hours. They said they would make decent 10-15K/month apart from their 5-10K/month regular jobs.

Ankit Jha

Uber. Didn't install anything else in my new phone. Never missed any of them

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