Faisal Zia Anwer .

If you try this strategy for your online sales, you could end up scaling your business 10 times in the next three months.

Read on. This idea might just change your business story. You know I am pretty serious about growing online sales, so read along.

Last week I was in an ad account and I saw that they were spending a good 30+ lakh INR on their Facebook ads, and making like 25 lakh back. That's pretty bad right.

After looking at everything there was one major problem I saw in his account.

The creatives they were using for their ads, they sucked. And this is a case with a ton of ads online.

Crap Video Creatives that doesn't convert.

The best way out of this is to use USER GENERATED CONTENT as ads. As per our experience UGC is the best kind of ads.


1. Go to the website Loox: It allows you to collect reviews from your customers.

2. Incentivize your customers to leave a review ( free gift, discount code etc)

3. Use the images and videos to make kickass creatives ( get them edited)

4. Run them as ads.

5. Keep collecting these reviews.

So basically you will end up with an awesome bank of creatives, showing a customer of the product talking about it.

What more can you as of an ad?

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Abhishek Avikk Gupta

Storytelling in videos can convert more.

E.g videos showing the journey of brand or product .


Probably this is the mandatory thing but everybody misses it!!

Faisal Zia Anwer

That's what it is in most cases of marketing. the most obvious stuff gets missed out

Dhaval Wathare

What about permission from the user to broadcast their image commercially as an ad ? Is there a process for that ?

Rohit Gupta

As a growth consultant for agencies, I've found a lot of bottlenecks where the media buyer finds an image isn't working and needs to convey his/her idea of a 'better' creative to the design team. It almost never goes to plan and a lot of back and forth takes place and time and money gets wasted. Deciding on creatives isn't an easy task.

Abhishek Gupta

When i started reading your post I thought I would find something concrete and new that you may have discovered from your analysis. Poor creatives is one of the major things why ads don't convert. Any other insights you got?

PS - The appeal of creatives is very subjective. A/B testing your ad sets is more fruitful than going through the whole process of review collection. It's hard to create a graphic based on n number of different reviews. Instead stick to the point you wanna convey through your creatives and test design variations. Minimalistic and clean design language with high resolution and isolated images works like a charm.

Rohit Gupta

Yes marketers who don't A/B test lose out a lot of ROI via effort and money. In the above example the poster should have run the same ad with a different creative to compare results. Judging a creative in an ad on its sole merit is short sighted and has no grounds for judgement.

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