Varun Surana .

Is it super risky to work with funded startups ?

Laying off speed of team is horrible, high time to redefine working and pay culture for every business ?

Businesses should have goal for profit creation instead of team and turnover size ?

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Gautam Koundinya

They are offering employment, are the Governments or the traditional companies offering Employment at a greater scale?

Varun Surana

I am also looking for answers, there is no full stop, the complete post is with question marks

Vinav Bhanawat

It's for the people to decide as they're firstly also hired at salaries that other businesses run traditionally can't or won't offer due to economic metrics. The same guy who gets 25k ctc per month in a traditional but good company (with no work culture as well or even in companies like TCS which are piling profits like no other company on the planet thus are able to do better disaster management) is getting 8-9 lacs per annum. And in the same ratio it goes up the ladder. So higher risk higher returns is working in jobs as well💥.

Nirmal Choudhary

true because if we notice most of the funded startup don't focus on profit and sustainability from the begining but rather on target consumers, marketing, discount to get traction, turnover, business plans, and pitch deck and not on the business or venture they want to create n not on the consumr,
therefore most of the startup don't seems to get any formal funds also like from banks and financial institutions

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