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VCs back startups that pivoted quickly during the pandemic!!!

Another VCfirm to watch out for!!!

We have seen a lot of pivots in the last couple of months,

now VCs switch from their growth hats last year to multi-hued adaptation hats

Vertex Ventures portfolio looks like a pile of startups who are all either relevant or trying to stay relevant amid the current crisis.

StoreHub adapted its product overnight to enable food delivery

Active.Ai is seeing interest in its conversational banking product.

Ace Turtle, whose software helps brands accept orders on multiple channels

Ben Mathias M.partner, advise startups who are in the worst-hit industries to focus on innovation.

Mentions that many of their competitors may not be around a year from now,

So those who manage to survive will thrive forever!!!

The world is moving from digital to contactless.

Opportunities for AI & IoT in view of the emerging requirements,

for contact tracing, facial recognition, security & factory automation.

Also adds that “All financial institutions are trying to figure out how to operate in a contactless world,".

Full article - https://www.livemint.com/companies/start-ups/vcs-back-startups-that-pivoted-quickly-during-the-pandemic-11591545367346.html

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