Siddharth Verma .

Want to build the next disruptive product? 🤯

Here are 5 check-boxes your product should tick

  • It should be 10x better than an existing solution. No one will leave their trusted brand for something slightly faster or with few more features. USP is old build a product with a great UBR(Unique Bragging Right)
  • MAYA Rule- Most Advanced Yet Acceptable. Innovate in control most people will not readily accept drastically innovative technologies. There is a learning and acceptance curve.
  • High Accessibility- The product should be easily available to the target audience. Not everyone is apple people will probably not wait in lines or pay a very high premium. Price it right and distribute well
  • Easy to get started with- A branch of the second point. Try to ease the learning curve by intuitive UX, Reduce set up times and migration overheads.
  • It should solve a problem that someone faces frequently or something of high criticality that the end user want solved at any cost. If one is able solve something which checks both scenarios. You are GOLD.

How many check boxes is your product ticking ?

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