Anuj Agarwal .

Looking at the current situations between India and China, I noticed that alot of people want to give up chinese apps and phones, but there were two major issues:

1. Not enough awareness, If the app they are using is chinese or not.

2. Even if they do, Where to look for the non-chinese alternatives

Looking at it, I started working on an app, which I proudly want to launch here via #PushLaunch, This app not only helps you identify chinese apps, but also helps you replace those apps with similar non-chinese apps.

Key app features –

* Scans you phone to trace out if there's any chinese app installed on your phone.

* Discover alternative, similar and related non-chinese apps of the chinese apps you are currently using.

* Helps you identify your mobile phone brand country origin.

* Notifies and informs you if you install any chinese app ever.

Will be published on play store in a day or two. Meanwhile you can download it from here:

Need all of your support and feedback.


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Bhavik Jain

So you have created this app just to help people find an alternative or you plan to monetize it?

Anuj Agarwal 

No plans to monetize as of now.

Sanjeev Agrawal

IS it like ‘Remove China Apps’ app? If yes, Google might remove you as well.

Anuj Agarwal

It's different, Download and Install, You would know the difference:-)

- It identifies chinese apps.
- Help find similae function non-chinese apps.
- Notify you every time you install a new app, If it's a chinese app.

Sanghamitra Sudeep Sen

Google play store will not allow you to be on the platform. They will remove your app. As they did with a similar app like yours

Anuj Agarwal

We haven't kept any uninstalling feature within the app, We just educate the user about the app country origin.

Sayan Ganguly

How does it collect data and what do you do with the data collected?

Anuj Agarwal

We don't collect any data at all.

Arunaday Basu

Awesome bhai👏👏👏isi kehte hai effort. You're the developer for this?

Anuj Agarwal

Yes. And Thanks bhai 😊

Yuvraj Shivhare

I hope you have read this before investing in this app.

"We also recently suspended a number of apps for violating the policy that we don't allow an app that “encourages or incentivizes users into removing or disabling third-party apps or modifying device settings or features unless it is part of a verifiable security service”

Vaibhav Tayal

I suggest your webpage should mention why your app is not in playstore and needs to be downloaded.

Your page seems to be deceiving for play store like look and when on downloading apk the phone gives warning, it raises much concerns..

Need to build the trust to make people download apk and install

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