Rajesh Garg .

Want to take a Personalized Road Map for your Career!😍

Millions of people will need to adjust to the "new" job market.

Many - particularly underserved populations (ethnic minorities, elderly, youth, disabled, refugees, etc.) - will not be able to secure a job unless they learn new skills.πŸ˜”

So here is an Idea!πŸ€“

How about a Platform that provides a personalized road map for underprivileged communities or, in general, those that need to reskill!

This would be in partnership with educational institutions (for teaching), employers (for access to traineeships), non-profits, and governments (for financial support).πŸ”₯

The guidance can be provided based on the following parameters:

  • By analyzing previous work and life experiences, interests, skills, psychometrics, etc. it generates your current skill/employment profile.
  • It compares your current profile with the skill profile of a future-proof role that is the closest to both your current skill profile and relevant for your interests (eg.: a technician of today could become a collaborative robot specialist with training).
  • A personalized road map is generated to guide people on what steps they should take.

What do you think about this platform? Would this make a difference in anybody's life?

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Ishita Sarkar

Not a bad ideaπŸ‘

Rajesh Garg

Yeah basically it would be very helpful to a lot of people who are seeking job and who need to reskill depending on their experiences.

Prathamesh Baheti

If i recall correctly, this is already being done by hardik solanki via his company qareerwaale!

Rajesh Garg

Oh do you have the link! Would like to explore!

Sayan Ganguly

Government for financial assistance?

Rajesh Garg

Yeah so basically we can ask some of the govt professionals for this thing! What opportunities you can get at present orbased on your experience, if you would achieve required skills, how much would you earn?

Sayan Ganguly

Government benefits are primarily aimed at skill development organizations. Not individuals.

Some States are trying to have an unemployment allowance.

Piyush Soni

Idea is great but does this ensure them a job? Guiding them to reskill themselves is great, but what after that! Moreover how would we ensure them proper training as most of the people you are talking about are underprivileged!

Sayan Ganguly

Definitely a right concern. Depending on the experience and what he should learn, he can be guided for training facilities as well.
Though this would not be free I suppose but costs can be highly reduced for needy ones!

Siddartha Khetan

idea is great! Do you have anything in mind with regards to it's execution?

Rajesh Garg

So basically we can execute this on three steps!
1. Building the platform and make people know about the whole platform. We can take help of some NGOs and other non profit organisations.
2. Examining the people on the basis of their experience and motivating them to why they need to reskill.
3. Giving them proper training guidance or good cost effective referrals.

Shivakumar Valadi

Don't just focus on past career experiences. Often passions, interests, and alternate skills can help form alternate career paths.

Also, the language skills/constraints, demographics needs to be taken into consideration

Rajesh Garg

Correct! Thaks for the suggestion

Bakulesh Rane

It already exists but newer and niche markets startups are coming at the execution matters
And not who came first

Rajesh Garg

What is the name of already existing venture??

Bakulesh Rane

Frapp aka now Future Work , much many other working all in student sectors

Avlon Meta is the Next to Next Lvl by Varun Mayya new generation freelancers and self earners

the word underpreviledge sieze to exist once the people are handed laptop smarth phone or pc and internet this is age of information

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