Sneha Sharma .

How many of us believe that founders should not get into operations or delivery of work and just focus on conversion of leads or supervision of employees?

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Abhishek Avikk Gupta

I believe that the founders should always look for 'new opportunities' and give space to innovation only rather than putting efforts in operations.

Sneha Sharma

what about funds to hire the employees? If not a funded startup

Abhishek Avikk Gupta

If Person is starting up then :-
1) Business Loan or Personal Loans
2) Savings
3) Pre-Selling

If you have reached at a later stage where the person have running business:-
1) Attract business partners and offer them equities.
2) Try Affiliate model for product distribution or sales

Rest all based on what person is trying to achieve or situation he/she is into.

Geet Kiran Aneja

Hi you can standardise the processes for service delivery and hire people to do it initially on a project by project basis. And you can pay these temp contractors from the client advance you receive. Pay them on an ongoing basis and standardise the service delivery as much as you can

Amit Baliga 

Depends on where the company is in its lifecycle!

Sneha Sharma

initially, first 2 years

Arjun Tull

so true

Arjun Tuli

Founders need to make the company happen. If your ops are taken care of, work on clients, leads. If that's taken care of work on vision and new opportunities.

Sayon Mondal

Unless the founders get their hands dirty how would they learn about the obstacles that the company is facing or guide others who are suppose to look after it? Ofcouse it is preferable to have a founding team of 3-4 folks with different specializations required for a venture and work according to their strengths and supporting each other.

Neeraj Joshi

At the start, it is the founder who would do all the work or his cofounders, with time as the revenue/team expands, he can hire folks for the work which have been standardised and look for more ways to scale revenue

Pritam Sinha

Delegation of tasks start when we do have the resources (money/talent) to delegate. Before that co-founders only need to handle everything. One of our co-founders dedicates most of his time in operations, why? Because he is good at it and he learned by actually doing it and obviously others manage different aspects.

Sneha Sharma


Deepanjan Datta

If anybody knows the meaning of the founder, then he ir, she will understand the job of a founder. A founder should know everything. From strategy , planning to development to operation to manyfacturing to marketing to sales and also after sales

Sneha Sharma


Akshay Borate

Agree. Entrepreneur is someone who knows WHAT to do and hires people who know HOW to do.

However, initial experience is always helpful.

Gaurav Mittal 

There is this 80-20 rule. If you have to do ops, cap it at 80% of your time and effort and spend 20% in planning, strategizing and taking big bets

Krinal Mehta

Founders should only focus on 1 thing: hiring the smartest people on the planet, and empowering them. Let them run the show, they’re way smarter than you.

Abhishek Gupta

Being a founder doesn't only mean leading an efficient team and be involved in decision making and planning.
A large chunk also involves executing the things, taking the extra load and going an extra mile to do things yourself.

If you don't know the nuances and intricacies yourself, later you will be left with nothing.
A real founder is one who doesn't forget the roots, who can do things at the early stage and also at later stage.Relying just on Money and employees to get things done is idiotic.

A person who leads by example is only able to lead a team of smart people irrespective of the amount of funds you have.

SAiraj Mahesh Nukala

That's true, being a founder myself forGetmepilot, i remain focussed on clients and revenue. My Co-founder is focussed on delivery, operations. I discuss on plan and my co-founder work on execution with our team.
But we need to make sure that we canwork on every aspect on the all employees incase they don't turn up..
I take responsibility of every employee who is a SPOC for our customers. If they can't call or work, I'll take the responsibility to work on a pseudo name for getting the work done.
I'm sure many founders or Entrepreneurs are working in the same manner to make their company successful.
P.S : Once you are founder, you should loose recognition for our every work you do to your employee and take blame for every mistake they do on your company name. End of the day, you need to make sure that your company is big in the global arena.

Kashish Kumar Paryani

If there will be a sole founder, he has to look after all the operations and departments of the business as no other choice is left for him.

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