Gaurav Mittal .

What are the skills which a 'Digital Marketer' should possess?

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Bharat Garachh

Seo, smo, content writing, SEM

Albert Nam

I feel a digital marketer should properly understand the psychology of the targeted audiences nowadays. I see like 15-20 ads everyday on youtube and various other platforms, I am getting a feeling that most of the ads are not targeted properly, a planned approach to advertising will be great, if not it will lead to annoyance.

Harshad Moray

May we know the purpose of asking the question, we could guide you better basis that!!😁

Gaurav Mittal

just curious as everyone claims to be a digital marketer. A person who just does one course claims that he is a digital marketer. So want to get an opinion of group members

Harshad Moray

very fair point!

If a person claims to be digital marketing expert or simply digital marketer, he must possess the following skillsets:

• Formulate digital marketing strategies to outreach target audience.‼️
• Understand the latest features of platforms and know how to leverage for growth.
• Must have cases of past clients and impact created for them with certain resources & constraints.
• Understand & commit to ROI in a fair view.
• Respect the process to get raw content from client and create multiple content varieties to expand acceptability.
• Must have atleast 2-3 years of experience & know way around in softwares/tools.
• Lastly, understand SEO, SEM, copy writing at extent, website dev at extent, and a bit of designing as backup.

These are my personal observations and I value whosoever show me these or demand the same from me as a marketer.

₹500 courses are fine but claiming they are expert, not sure. The experts have a different tone altogether!

Daman Soni

Hopefully this is of some help

Srijan Arora

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